On November 5, the wind-force that car company accuses nimble of report of the Che Yong in share company Xi'an to connected Inc. of science and technology of limited company of electric limited company and wind energy of force of nimble of report of the Che Yong in accusing share company Xi'an and Xinjiang Jin Feng to sign add up to to make an appointment with 1.49 billion yuan of money respectively in. Electrify of nimble of report of the Che Yong in Xi'an enrages limited company is by in day of limited company of Che Yongji electric machinery, company limited establishs the place that make and day () limited company tripartite is collective and contributive the Chinese-foreign joint venture that establish. Register fund 35.46 million dollar, among them in electric machinery limited company occupies Che Yongji 51% , company limited day establishs the place that make to occupy 39% , day stands () limited company is occupied 10% . The company held water formally in Xi'an on August 29, 2003, be located in road of north of Wenjing of development of Xi'an economy technology 15. Basically be engaged in network of device of group of motor-car of railroad high speed and system of drawing of car of urban orbit traffic, auxiliary power source, train controlling system, air conditioning / the design of device of take a breath and system of drawing energy management, production, sale and after service are relevant business, it is home is approved obtain system of transmission of report of urban orbit traffic to bid one of enterprises of aptitude, it is Shaanxi saves company of new and high technology. Limited company of wind energy of force of nimble of report of the Che Yong in Xi'an (the following abbreviation: Nimble power company) it is medium subordinate of limited company of Che Yongji electric machinery is wholy-owned subsidiary, held water 2000, it is research and development of a market, make, the company of large wind phone that sale, service is an organic whole. The product is covered basket model, the type such as excitation of double make a present of, permanent magnetism, report, power social estate enclothes 600KW—10MW, have for each model wind- driven generation set provides research and development and capability of form a complete set. Nimble power company has home to assemble the wind- driven dynamo with complete craft to produce base. Rose 2014, nimble power company builds production base more in home in succession. Already formed at present it is administrative operation center with Xi'an, with Xi'an, Guiyang, An Yang, east battalion, always the manufacturing situation of layout of much ground of spring of aid, wine, compose built nimble, efficient production to organize a system, produce per year dynamo of each type wind-force more than 4000. While wind- driven dynamo is made, came true to be extended to crucial part from wind- driven dynamo, master straight drive stage by stage the manufacturing technology of generation set, engine room impeller forms batch productivity. Golden wind science and technology is clean the sources of energy and domain of energy-saving environmental protection get run enterprise, devote oneself to to drive the sources of energy to change, invite everyone but the benefit of burden, reliable, the sources of energy that can last and, compose builds “ to be able to last the future of better ” . Internet of report of wind of focusing of deepness of golden wind science and technology, the sources of energy, environmental protection 3 big fields, with innovation of powerful scientific research and beautiful business practice, will but of second birth the sources of energy use efficiency promotion to come new height. As the company that joining place, harbor greatly to hand in a two ground to appear on the market, golden wind science and technology for many times area of Asia of ” of business of chief of selected “ climate, “ gets respect ” of company of concern of investor of beautiful of company ” , “ , and flourish ascends “ to have innovation ability company enterprise of environmental protection of 50 strong ” , “ company of new energy of 200 strong ” , “ beautiful of new money of 500 strong ” , “ appears on the market company ” , “ " fortune " the many consequence a list of names posted up such as 500 strong ” are odd.

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