In December 2018 industry and organization of department of industry of informatization ministry equipment hold ” of seminar of industry of automobile of “ fuel cell hind, industry heat warms up gradually, fuel cell car still has a lot of earnestly to need settlement problem, among them the carrier that the car carries Chu Qing canister to serve as fuel, affecting truckload add boat ability and security.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Hydric memory container is easy ” of fragile phenomenon of occurrence “ hydrogen. Hydrogen is when ℃ of prep above 300 and 30 MPa, can corrode to metallic generation, the plasticity that causes a metal drops, cause crackle or generation to rupture eventually. Accordingly, special material must be chosen to come in Chu Qing container avoid hydrogen fragile phenomenon. The hydrogenous safety of fuel cell car is care of the person that use want an issue, so hydrogenous system must make special demand to security, the gas cylinder of high-pressured Chu Qing that uses at present basically has 4 kinds: Complete metal gas cylinder (Ⅰ ) , gas cylinder of hoop winding of fiber of the bravery inside the metal (Ⅱ ) , fiber of the bravery inside the metal twines gas cylinder completely (Ⅲ ) , metalloid inside bravery fiber is complete twine gas cylinder (Ⅳ ) . From " the car is used compress hydric and plastic inside bravery carbon fiber twines gas cylinder completely (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) " on understanding arrives, this standard basically was to stipulate the car is used compress hydric and plastic inside the requirement such as requirement of the type that bravery carbon fiber twines gas cylinder completely and parameter, technology; For instance nominal actuating pressure does not exceed cubage of 70MPa, nominal to be at medium of 450 L, keep in storage not quite compress temperature of hydric, job not under - 40 ℃ and not the specific parameter requirement such as ℃ of prep above 85. Express 1 car to use level of international of hydrogenous gas cylinder
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Express standard of international of VS of 2 country level contrast
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Our country is current and active it is current that the 70MPa car of research and development of success of science and technology of PL of   of   of basic be identical of industry industry standard and ISO/CD 19881 of draft international standards uses bottle of IV Chu Qing banner Chu Qing is in industry of automobile of international fuel cell bottle model. Compare with photograph of the Ⅲ that still uses metallic cylinder bushing air cylinder, bottle of IV Chu Qing is had more advantageous fight hydrogen fragile lower cost and caustic, lighter quality, higher quality Chu Qing density and cycling life, be applied on much money model by the company such as Ji Ya of Buddha of Japanese abundant cropland, France. Current, the development that 70MPa car is in with bottle of IV Chu Qing still is in start level, have not establish uniform standard, also have batch to produce 70MPa car to use the capacity of bottle of IV Chu Qing without an any enterprises at the same time, the success of dragon coil science and technology breaks ice, adumbrative more efficient Chu Qing technology is about to enter industrialization application field. 2020 up to now, sales volume of car of new energy resources appears large-scale rise, think ” of car of “ hydrogen the sources of energy just is the ” of “ a home to return to with true car of new energy resources inside line of business of a lot of people, production storage tank uses twining equipment and composite material is the next opportunity that we can see at present.

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