The car uses plastic variety various, polypropylene (PP) composite material is one of main breed, its dosage takes a car plastic the 1 / of use quantity 3 above. But because the reason generation such as degradation, oxidation is many volatile organic matter (VOCs) , cause quality of car core condition to drop, restricted the PP material application in high-grade car. The origin that the car analyses   car to use PP composite material scent with origin of PP composite material odour is complex, arrive again to the modified treatment of composite material from the polymerization of base material carry, store, use wait for a process to be able to have send out sexual gas arises. First PP raw material is when polymerization, put in the remain of polymer of young member of solvent and the part such as alkyl of personal alkyl, alcohol, age. Next, the need in machining a process adds activator, auxiliary. If can add the agent adding a look of two-phase consistence; Rise be able to bear or endure of scratch function be able to bear or endure scratch agent; The antioxidant that enhances smooth thermal stability and smooth stabilizing agent. Additive activator and auxiliary belong to young member compound basically, these young member compound gifted the processability with more superior composite material can mix PP applied function while also to PP the peculiar smell of composite material has certain contribution. Hind, machining a process, when if note model, extruding,machining modified, PP is in high temperature is high cut treatment to as a result of,fall of freedom radical rupture and molecular branch changes reaction to produce aldehyde, ketone to wait send out sexual odour. Contain on PP element catenary extremely flabby carbon of decided father's younger brother is atomic, unripe degradation allots to release in action of group of smooth, hot, mechanical substandard a few send out sexual material. The choice   that the car controls bead of 01 PP of technical     to expect with PP composite material odour to satisfy light quantify, the part that Bao Bi spends designs a requirement, the liquidity with higher demand of PP modified material, namely higher fuse-element flow rate. Bead of PP of current production high flow expects the method has oxidation degradation law and hydrogenous attune way. Craft of oxidation degradation law is simple, maneuverability is strong, but put in blemish in odour respect. And the fluidity that hydrogen moves a law to pass hydric chroma to expect to PP bead undertakes modulatory, won't produce intense peculiar smell material, be favorred in the production that expects with PP bead in the car gradually. Because molecular quantity conditioning agent is hydric reaction active is low, taller to the requirement of activator, craft still very not mature, but the progress with also had many enterprises to obtain certain. The composite material of the colophony preparation that produces hydrogenation law and oxidation degradation law undertakes the contrast of VOCs content checks, the result sees a picture 1. Graph 1 make clear, the content of composite material VOCs of preparation of hydrogenation law colophony falls to 28μg / G the following, and the G of / of 45μg of VOCs content prep above of degradation law, hydrogenation law VOCs drops extent is as high as 38% .

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
The material of PP of choice     of 02 auxiliary has in the application on the car advocate the spare parts such as auxiliary facia consolt, door plank, pillar. To satisfy the requirement with different characteristic to material component, connect regular meeting to join all sorts of auxiliary. The affiliation of auxiliary improved PP the function of composite material, but also brought odour issue to PP material at the same time. Investigate its reason, or it is the odour because of some auxiliary oneself, or because machine the high temperature degradation in the process,be, make material of a few odour. Car advocate the auxiliary facia consolt, door plank, pillar spare parts that outside having, appears, to material be able to bear or endure scratch sex demand is higher, be able to bear or endure because of when this is producing these parts, needing to join scratch agent undertakes function optimize, common be able to bear or endure scratch agent basically has get together silicon oxygen alkyl kind with acyl amine. The part has used oxide to measure conditioning agent as the element in PP material, produce new odour issue. If oxidize,cross oxide traditionally butyl of benzene of 2 different third, 2 father's younger brother crosses oxide to wait to decompose the peculiar smell element such as aldehyde, ketone easily below high temperature. And use amyl of 2 father's younger brother to cross oxide and PP colophony to mix make mother bead, can have reduced the odour issue that oxide degradation brings effectively. If PP produces oxidation reaction, can bring about material to become yellow, the undesirable phenomenon such as sclerosis. And through joining antioxidant, can catch freedom radical to fashion stable product, prolong PP material service life. Research makes clear, the antioxidant of different type is volatile different, volatile lift along with opposite element quality and reduce, the antioxidant that can choose quality of tall opposite element serves as one of measures that drop odour. Composite material uses PP auxiliary sort is complex, choosing appropriate auxiliary to improve the result to the odour of material is apparent. Of auxiliary optimize but from the following 3 angle set out: It is the efficient sex that auxiliary issues in low density; 2 it is the consistence with auxiliary and good base material and do not react with constituent of composite material other, the other performance that does not affect composite material; 3 it is high fever stability, low flavour of volatile, as good as. 03 sorbent add sorbent except flavour   is one of significant steps that promote PP modified material odour. Sorbent basically is divided except flavour for chemical reaction and physisorption. Chemical reaction is to point to special chela mixture is joined in PP material, make its and easy volatile produce chela to add up to reaction character. Because the molecular amount of reaction child is larger, volatilize not easily come out, lock up thereby decided peculiar smell part. Chemical adsorption basically relies on the chemical bond between material, need sorbent and odour material to produce proper chemical response namely, because this is chemical the specific aim of adsorption is particularly strong, apply to volatile material sort little and below clear case. Physisorption basically is to use poriferous construction material, use its many crystallization is empty undertake adsorption to odour element or volatile young member, commonly used physisorption agent has sieve of alumina, activated carbon, diatomite, concave and convex marvellous silica gel, element to wait. Physisorption and chemical adsorption divide flavour principle to look from its adsorption, each have restriction in application, at present to increase adsorptive result a variety of agents that divide flavour have industrial air marshal answer those who deserve to use is more. Because the sort of sorbent is diversiform, adsorptive principle and motive are different, to the content sex of PP material itself the influence also has different, accordingly, in producing treatment actually, need test and verify of the test that has many rounds, small lot, actor or actress the sorbent that chooses beautiful chooses plan eventually. 04 extractive – take off the adsorption of brandish technology   technology that divide flavour is odour element with chemistry or physical form adsorption, reduce the volatilization of odour element thereby. And extraction dividing flavour is through joining volatile strong extractive dose, extractive agent is compound of low boiling point normally, use young member of extractive agent and odour in all boil principle, break away from odour element PP material. Current and commonly used extractive agent has alcohol of water, small element ether, hydrous polymer mother bead and exterior activator. From the point of the extraction principle that divide flavour, the extractive technology that divide flavour needs to combine PP material to build the vacuumize in bead process normally, take off brandish technology to improve the result that divide flavour namely. Make a production in PP material modified commonly in the process, those who use is double screw extruder. Of double screw extruder cut stronger, and can section executes different function, have cut area and the cent that advance an area. It is OK to boosting an area starting a hole of partial screw area, open slot, form brandish division together with vacuumize equipment. Multistage the device that take off brandish is in synthesis, in mixing the refine, course that builds bead, take off except young member material, reduce the deputy reaction in machining a process thereby. And extractive agent volatilizes quickly in fuse-element motion, accelerated young member further break away from. The efficiency that take off brandish increases in what spend as vacuum inside certain limits and rise, increase the dosage of extractive agent at the same time, also can promote the volatile in PP modified material send out speed. But too big vacuum spends what can cause manufacturing cost to increase and spend when vacuum after reaching fair value, also solve adsorption to achieve balance succeed add to increase vacuum to spend when adsorptive – namely, do not have basically to taking off brandish efficiency rise apparently, the choice that vacuum spends needs follow-up to produce a circumstance to consider integratedly. The choice   of 05 aftertreatments condition builds a course in PP modified in, temperature is in commonly 230 ℃ above. In this temperature interval, PP material itself already began to decompose. In the meantime, below high temperature condition, the polymerization with meeting complex generation mixes PP and auxiliary decompose reaction. The decomposes child and auxiliary to share reaction by-product of PP, it is the young member material of new generation in process of PP material treatment, can affect the odour position of material apparently. Accordingly, need is aimed at these young member material, through raising the kind of roast aftertreatment, make its volatilize effectively, reduce its to be affected to the odour of material. Current, the modified manufacturer of the mainstream, all use carbonado the form of batch can, undertake roast aftertreatment to particle. The part produces manufacturer, can use many rounds even carbonado the form of batch can, increase carbonado the time of makings is mixed carbonado the uniformity of makings, enhance young member peculiar smell further send out. Watch 1, watch 2 carbonado to differ material temperature is mixed carbonado the odour grade of makings time.
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
PP of epilogue     the odour origin of composite material is complex diversity, or the degradation that because polymer is in,action of group of smooth, hot substandard issues; Or because join,be the oxidation of all sorts of auxiliary, catabolism. In the car the composite material that use PP is produced in, what should need the requirement of function according to different component, choose proper raw material and auxiliary, optimize craft parameter appropriately, scientific choice removes flavour means, use brandish device efficiently, change a variety of odour modified technologies in coordination, achieve the goal that promotes material odour grade eventually.

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