On September 28, forum of report of maritime wind of ” of 0 carbon times and Petrel platform release the “ that by Shanghai group of electric wind cable sponsors the ceremony saves Shan head city to hold in Guangdong, pay equal attention to the pound releases SEW11.0-208 of platform of new model ——Petrel. This type is the product of flagship of maritime wind report that force of Shanghai electric bend makes, also be the Asia that has completely own intellectual property sea of big straight drive is windward electric machinery group, indicating territory of report of our country maritime wind is own innovation obtains new breakthrough, enter 10MW+ period formally. Petrel (in ” of interpret “ salangane) it is Shanghai electric be opposite to answer only the changeful and complex ocean environment such as high temperature, tall wet, tall salt, typhoon, earthquake and the platform of own research and development, used brand-new the digitlization of generation, intelligence changes a technology. Product impeller diameter achieves 208 meters, stand-alone capacity achieves 11 million tile, electricenergy production relatively on generation product promoted 40% , cost of unit kilowatt base was reduced 20% . SEW11.0-208 maritime fan is the paragraph product of this platform. This is the Guangdong that answers contest price times and Fujian to wait for maritime space of high wind speed and roll out provide product of platform of socioeconomic straight drive extremely, can cover common maritime space and typhonic sea area at the same time. In assure tall in coordination gender, low fault rate while, remarkable promotion generates electricity efficiency. Digitlize wisdom couplet fan as complete perception, interconnection of intelligence of platform of ” of wind and cloud of electric “ of SEW11.0-208 and Shanghai, will promote continuously but utilization rate and client yield. This product adopted complete lifecycle to digitlize management of dimension of design, production, carry, leapX of electric new generation controls applied Shanghai system, reduce load of whole accident travel, promotion aircrew runs stability. Banner blade pneumatic was used to design a technology in blade respect, make property S102 of admirable lamina of fine of carbon of 100 meters of class. Raise S102 lamina to already connected cloud harbor lamina to produce base to get offline successfully at be in this month. In “ target of double carbon ” is how-to below, shanghai is electric the research and development that still will undertake “ carbon counteracts ” technology deep continuously, use the new technology such as net of couplet of computation of big data, cloud, content, artificial intelligence, 5G, new concept to endow with can the technology innovates, comprehensive compose builds system of advanced 0 carbon technology, develop enterprising ceaselessly, offer more continuously, more the product of actor and comprehensive solution.

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15-18 December

New York City