On May 3, quality inspection of equipment of maritime wind phone detects center (qualitative check center) the static force test that completes lamina of report of B1030A of Oriental wind report wind smoothly, this is the lamina of 100 meters of class that home finishs static force the 2nd times to check, 103 meters length also refresh already got offline currently the record of blade.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Home grows 103 meters of lamina to begin static force to check this lamina by Oriental wind report own research and development, match 13MW to fight typhoon maritime wind-force to send generation set, have generate electricity exceedingly goodly function. Group of test of lamina of qualitative check center is had exceed 100 meters of lamina to check experience, program of as collective as group of research and development of Oriental wind report custom-built test, satisfy the requirement of test and verify of function of crucial to equipment of phone of large and maritime wind part. According to experimental plan, 103m lamina follow-up will begin static force of fatigue test, exhaustion hind to wait in qualitative check center detect project, be in ancient bronze mirror judge the work that synchronism begins type attestation. Blade technology innovates continuously, the record of lamina of long wind report is broken through ceaselessly, the engineering capability of research and development that proves equipment of phone of our country large wind is maturing stage by stage, accordingly, of equipment of large wind phone examine detect ability also is in optimize upgrade. Ancient bronze mirror judge check what work with attestation to be begun in succession to lamina of 100 meters of class, test equipment of phone of our country wind technical level to promote international advanced standard not only, more the security that passes lamina of sufficient test and verify and dependability, drove the research and development of high capacity aircrew and industrialization application, for our country development of maritime wind report offers a technology to prop up. Quality inspection of equipment of maritime wind phone detects center by identify inspect appoint approval, ancient bronze mirror judge attestation center builds operation, joined movement formally 2021. As our country class equipment of maritime wind phone detects examine to serve platform with communal technology, qualitative check center assumed large scale computer of report of numerous and maritime wind the test research and development of group and crucial part works, its hardware establishment and test ability all achieve international banner level. Among them, blade detects the lab can begin full measure to check the work to growing 150 meters wind report lamina, deploy advanced experiment to control with the system that monitor, aid ceaselessly push blade technology development to perfect, quicken big lamina to commercialize a process, be development of report of our country maritime wind is important one annulus.

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