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The appearance is exactly like " pyramid " , use carbon fiber composite material all over, special at removing mine

The boat with a trenchant edges and corners, show when the concealed when Baltic spoondrift is medium, form in a twinkle is looked for hard, it is Sweden royal naval “ Weisibi frigate of body of ” class concealed. Sweden is naval ships of body of early development concealed one of, this naval vessel is frigate of light-duty concealed body divides a kind of multipurpose battle of thunder of executable turn one's coat, go instead battle, still can satisfy a surface to fight reach task of surveillance of executive lay mines.

This class considered to be able to act with air force, coastguard, search and the combination such as rescuing army when carrier-borne design, “ Weisibi frigate of body of ” class concealed, reflecting Swedish weaponry “ small and the characteristic of ” of essence of life, come from maritime menace to be answered effectively, sweden fights to navy one of fixed position of means, make full use of namely the complex landform of Swedish coast fights. This kind of complex landform is diagnosed in hostile radar when, can form large-scale setting echo. To make as far as possible battleship of one's own side, blend in coastal setting clutter, achieve the goal of defeat sb by a surprise action, “ dimension this at the beginning of more light-duty than ” class frigate is being designed, made great efforts in concealed body respect. Swedish coasting is more labyrinthian, endless, but Swedish naval dimensions is not particularly big, its need is smallish and so keen-witted and capable maritime fight force. So we can see, “ ” pays attention to Weisibi very concealed body function. “ Weisibi frigate of body of ” class concealed, be fully loaded with displacement 600 tons, full-length 73 meters, naval vessel is 10.4 meters wide, draft 2.4 meters, the sailor braids 43 people. General ship vessel employs aluminium alloy or rolled steel is made, however “ dimension this more light-duty than ” class frigate uses carbon fiber composite material entirely almost, this data is more hard, be able to bear or endure bump and weight is light, crucial is this one material great the exploration that reduced radar. And the naval vessel boat that uses carbon fiber composite material to build, its weight is the same as the half of level only, this also is meant in “ Weisibi can equip on ” class more weaponry. “ Weisibi the superstructure of ” class frigate is inferior, value topper than expurgation “ pyramid ” from far, because naval vessel body presents proper point of view, and special processing is passed on edge horn, because this can avoid effectively,specular reflection arises on sea level. Very scientific line is designed, also make whole ship system looks be like is a whole and be in completely close, from go up to look downward, weaponry was not installed almost on whole deck, the canal of prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun that prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan with respect to Lian Jian also is inside set pattern, the ability when firinging only can appear. To reduce heat radiation, “ the ship vessel surface of ” class still has Weisibi coating of an infra-red scattering, can undertake keeping apart to absorption sun quantity of heat, still can have effect of visual concealed body so. For the ” of “ piercing eye of outsmart radar, big limit ground reduces radar to reflex cut area, battleship surface does not withhold rivet as far as possible hole and bulgy structure. Below the case that does not use electronic countermove, “ Weisibi frigate of body of ” class concealed, in abominable sea besides below, the space that can be explored by radar is compressed for a time 13 kilometre, inside such distance, the 57 millimeter naval vessel of this class naval vessel prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan, enough constitutes effective menace to beware of battleship. Approve “ Weisibi the thunder of main turn one's coat of ” class equips, it is submerge of a remote control implement, can complete the work such as broom mine, it is linked together through control panel of a push-towing steering rope and mother ship, so that receive closed-circuit television and naval vessel to use the monitoring of sonar, how does it wait for device of television camera, sonar, carry removal of mines to cut knife and pack of dynamite, have explore, differentiate and broom the ability of all sorts of mine. This kind is had mix actively the mine sweeping equipment that feels ability independently, in turn one's coat the meeting in Lei Zhan's process acts more important role.
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