Be in today when now, nobody can deny the significance of “ sale ” . But of sale degree, bad however to hold. This year 618, the east that fire must be in a complete mess selected Dong Yuhui to speak: “ consumption is life demand, but incite everybody excessive spending is evil. This resembles ” the game of a tug-of-war of businessman and consumer, strength moderate just calculates “ to plant careless ” , pass forcibly fierce even by hook and crook, that calls “ to cut leek ” . Here, mu Sai of ” of “ holiday foreign card has position surely. This ever recumbent modern old man, France is royal Fan Qiaoli items, implementation “IPO+ government does not support ” is double detonated enterprise, explained “ boast to do not have terminus with real operation, the sky just is ultimate ” . Do you say the sky does not have leek? But the sky has ” of ball of “ aerospace colophony. Collect 3 big lie at a suit, mu Sai imposes intelligence quotient tax to “ aerospace”When unlike face verify inspect can be oppugned fumble, mu Sai is selling costly ” product “ on this thing, can saying is a bottom energy of life is very. The “ Mu Saibao that takes near future sell like hot cakes for mattess of treasure ” money, government-owned net fixes a price 55555 yuan, price of activity of “3·21” Morpheus day needs only 29999. Do you ask to by what sell expensively? Say according to the salesperson, this mattess uses Japan to import material of ” of ball of “ aerospace colophony, it is machine of spirit of letter of as round as abundant cropland collect love the industry of joint development alone, assure absolutely health. Listen suddenly, exclusive aerospace black science and technology adds a body, a bit more expensive also accord with reason. But be really such? First, feng Tiangen does not know this thing originally.

There was mattess of a “Fine Revo” really in the manual of product love a letter of edition 2018 (namely mattess of aerospace colophony ball) , just love to believe machine of essence of life to be in early sold Japanese earth company brand of Morpheus industry along with 2020. In other words, this kind of material is place of Japanese earth firm is belonged to, now as irrelevant as abundant cropland fine long hair. Next, claim the aerospace colophony ball of ” of “ Japan entrance is afraid be not come from Japan.

Admire thinks of the book of raise capital by floating shares of share to show, the place of ” of vendor of data of ball of “ aerospace colophony belongs to a company to call Dongguan city Sino-Japanese household limited company, ju Musai can pay a large number of imprest every year to this company. And this company advocate business Wu, it is to producing the product such as household to export Japan. Letting what the person wants to be illogical is, making strong door going abroad is a favour originally, should flaunt an entrance along He Fei. Thirdly, the healthy sex have no way of ” of ball of “ aerospace colophony assures.

Mu Saixuan call aerospace colophony ball “ qualitative ” of material of science and technology of structure of a kind of new-style high polymer. But actually, in early application the love of this kind of material believes the product manual of card of inferior of division of aircraft of essence of life to go up, making clear this already is a kind of common “ colophony and oily mixture body ” only, namely styrene + olefin mineral oil. And be in early 2005, the infantile product of strong unripe company lifts disturbance with respect to the paraffin oil that causes cancer because of be being pointed to to contain. And up to now, this mattess of Mu Sai the relevant security report that had not have issued qualitative inspect branch to show. Cut the Mu Sai with intelligence quotient top-ranking duty, make science and technology very far still however such one kind does not have the strange, man-made that cannot ensure health even to convert industry data flatly, be afraid mostly the enterprise saw can shake shake one's head. Can arrive Mu Sai here, it not only all sorts of tall hats that wore “ aerospace ” , “ particular ” , more suddenly change one's identity was become mark a price at every turn several yuan high end black science and technology. Beyond question, mu Sai is top-ranking sale business absolutely. But at the same time, we also cannot say his ignored science and technology, just his attention does not depend on research and development, however “ takes creed ” . 2015, the Yao Jiqing of Ren Musai's president has said when: “ is not all should rely on him research and development, can buy, the technology is OK and integrated, the skill that time mastered others can develop quickly. ”So, with its thought saying admire becomes company of science and technology, be inferior to saying is to want to become to rely on to pack science and technology to realize the sale business of ” of “ low cost, tall redound. The key is, it still was accomplished really. The mark sex characteristic of data of Mu Sai market is “ two tall one low ” : Namely fare of tall, ad leads profit margin investment of tall, research and development is low. 2021, admire thinks of mattess wool interest rate to be as high as 57% ; Arrived 2019 during 2021, ratio of Musai ad expense is respectively 11.53% , 8.90% and 7.40% , can compare inside course of study of outclass the corresponding period appear on the market company ad fare leads average 3.60% , 3.53% and 4.40% . And research and development throws an aspect, came 3 years in the past admire considers charge of total research and development 300 million, and sale investment is close 4 billion, sufficient the difference that has 12 times. In the past, the mainstream often complies with “ product to give priority to, sale is complementary the logic of ” , think good sale is at good product perfect. Ke Musai is in it seems that however carrying “ sale is the logic that serves ” for profit, will prove this problem “ is turning over solution to also be opposite ” , even if science and technology common, product is common, good sale also can make its social status times add. Want to say ” of ball of “ aerospace colophony is intelligence quotient duty, we have data, evidence comes concrete analysis. Can wanting to ask “ sale is this service after all product, still serve profit ” , real however not be in a position is adj. After all, figure of a foreign devil relying on a holiday rises, had involved stunt of the evade taxes evade taxation, “ that be judged by the outside to be more than essence, sale the enterprise of ” of experience of prep above of over content, fame, still can go to knock a bell to appear on the market all the way …… backside of this one absurd marvellous spectacle, does the problem go after all which?

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