Car of the 5th international innovates with composite material seminar   time: On December 26, 2021, 9:30-15:15   place: An assembly room   sponsors layer of B2 of house of Shanghai world rich: International answer material extends assistance of organizing committee   : Contest of Spanish standard standard amounts to setting of conference of   of   picture: International answer material exhibits —— international car to experience one of day series activities with composite material innovation. Conference target: Help enterprise understands the new trends that industry of composite material of domestic and international car grows. Conference honored guest: Place of courtyard of scientific research of the tip inside supplier of the plant of car main engine that precedes domestic and internationally, component and course of study. Grow when the conference: 35 minutes / , in all 7. Conference have dinner: Offer lunch. The conference collects fees: RMB 1, 500/ person (end on December 20) . Cost of pay signing up is finished before December 1, can enjoy 8 lose privilege. The conference signs up: Contact means: Yu Zhen 18653463667 (small letter is the same as date)     since 2017, international answer material is exhibited comply with an industry to develop general trends, held car of 4 “ international successfully to innovate with composite material activity of series of experience day ” . Sponsor just decide a car to use the applied example with new composite material in the lock inside limits, strive the concept with an advanced international, product, technology and project recommend arrive before the audience. 2020, after as new coronal pneumonic epidemic situation erupts the fair of major of large composite material that holds successfully, international answer material is exhibited obtained satisfactory result, obtained numerous postpone business reputably. This year, exhibit conference organizing committee to be prepared meticulously again, roll out car of international of the 5th “ to experience ” of day series activity with composite material innovation. Divide this second outside the seminar, sponsor just be in international answer material exhibits 2 houses special established “ international car to use product of composite material innovation to experience area ” , will reveal part of innovation of composite material of nearly 20 advanced cars. The spot deserves to graph article is exhibited board, video material, arranged technical personnel spot to explain. In the meantime, sponsor still just will continue to open international car freely to reveal platform with network of composite material innovation to the audience, show product of part of innovation of composite material of more than more than 450 car. Below, small make up take you to browse main speechmaker that the seminar invites and an its speech content quickly. Seminar schedule:

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Seminar report detailed information: Speechmaker brief introduction: Doctor, senior engineer. Basically be engaged in a structure light quantify reach colophony radical composite material shapes technology research, exert oneself popularizes composite material structure to design production unifinication concept at car domain is being reached in civilian machine, change quickly to composite material structure, integration, automation and low cost are changed make reach composite material the technology such as new material, new structure, new facility, new technology, new method undertakes study. Chair or participate in project of research and development of many great science and technology, have old major to study foundation and research and development of substantial composite material product, management, quantity produces experience theoretically. Speech summary: CFRP applies foreground in car domain capacious, how to combine the characteristic of auto industry, solve CFRP effectively to produce problem of the quality that application involves, cost, efficiency in car domain quantity? Regard an industry as forerunner, fly lustre the quantity of oneself of answer material union produces case to undertake be analysinged deep, many skill data reachs practice case, will announce in this report. Speechmaker brief introduction: Doctor of university of German Munich industry. 2009-2014 year, university of German Munich industry measures deputy researcher of chemical Cheng institute gently; 2014-2016 year, engineer of research and development of department of engineering of automobile body of group of automobile of German Ao Di; 2016-2019 year, colourful comes to car Germany measure chemical Cheng center gently senior manager; 2020-2021 year, center of engineering of research and development of auspicious car Germany is light quantify a system compositive controller; 2021 since, academy of project of limited company of science and technology of composite material blocking Lai banquet technology officer. Speech summary: Carbon fiber serves as exceedingly good light quantify material, the application on automobile body structure often is light those who quantify technical level is direct reflect, also be truckload of competition ability of company core technology specific reflect one of. Be based on the past 10 years the car is small the development that quantifies a technology, the quantity with carbon fiber application, corresponding to typical automobile body report produces engineering technology and its characteristic character to undertake analytic and comment on. Face next generation cars dynamoelectric change, net couplet is changed, intelligence is changed, share change wish scene, carbon fiber automobile body and shape accordingly the challenge of engineering technology and good luck also will be discussed. Speechmaker brief introduction: Germany amounts to Musidate industrial university machinist Dr. Cheng. Automobile body expert, pursue car research and development for a long time. Ever assumed office accept of company of technology of car of Si Taier of accept of case of Motor Corporation of Yu Deguo masses, Austria wheat, Mai Ge the enterprise such as limited company of Si Taier Shanghai, have successively held the posts of accessory to be reached close the post such as chief engineer of project of research and development of a module controller, automobile body. Speech summary: This report will enjoy “CFRP through cent thermoplastic bag Fu shapes: Seat framework is light quantify ” , “GFRP to heat up solid to shape: Carring capacity car board reed is light quantify ” , “CFRP GFRP to be united in wedlock: Batteries housing is light quantify ” , “CFRP to help structural member of force automobile body light quantify analysis of research and development of structural member of ” , “HRC CFRP, function to reach a quantity to produce craft ” to wait for particular case, to structural member of domestic composite material the quantity produces the research that changes technology to develop the current situation to undertake introductory. Speechmaker brief introduction: Be graduated from major of southeast university automation, nanjing university MBA. Ever worked to machine machine tool group to be in charge of car assembly making business of systematic technology program manage at German metal, join Mengtelagong after that the group is in China the project of industry of orgnaization management automobile, the domestic business of product line of ministry of company car career popularizes current and responsible Fagesaida. Speech summary: Heretofore, the application of SMC material and SMC spare parts in car domain still not quite extensive, spare parts cost may be among them main reason, leader plant uses this kind of data for specific application only. Current, because other can replace material and craft (composite material of aluminous, successive fiber) limitation, what SMC workmanship has made contented cost and functional requirement is light quantify application actual option. Leader plant must ensure the SMC part that replaces other car component satisfies the requirement of set of automobile industry relative standard. This the speech devotes oneself to to reveal full automatic product line of efficient SMC spare parts, yield with high quality, productivity and equipment overall efficiency are a characteristic. Speechmaker brief introduction: Joined union of manufacturing industry of German machinery equipment 2005 (VDMA) Beijing delegate place, germany of main and responsible VDMA is plastic as mechanical as balata association and association of machine of VDMA Germany spin are in China contact works. Speech summary: Federation of manufacturing industry of equipment of introductory Germany machinery (VDMA) , German industry 4, and before 2040, electric car reduces platoon, vicissitude of the market to carbon dioxide, and the influence that the car such as tradition and burgeoning industry supplies catenary place to bring. Speechmaker brief introduction: Chemistry of Anhui university high polymer and graduate student of physical major Master, since 2012, be engaged in heating up solid sex composite material is in the car is small the technical service that quantifies a respect and market development work, sortie domain includes polyurethane and epoxy resin material. Speech summary: What car vehicle figure expects is light quantify can promote the sources of energy efficiency, those who reduce carbon dioxide discharge. Composite material serves as a car light quantified important select material, causing a trade more attention and research. However its high price restricted the composite material application in auto industry. Fibre glass regards economic buildup as material, apply extensively at a variety of composite material, it is the important way that breaks through limitation of composite material cost. This report joins domestic and international application case, discuss fibre glass to enhance epoxy resin and composite material of phenolic aldehyde colophony to cover the application of the domain in board reed and batteries of car of new energy resources. Speechmaker brief introduction: Domain of car composite material is senior technologist, more than 40 years are had in automobile industry from already check, assume office early or late at company of leader plant, raw material, the identity that seeks advice from division in order to become independent founded present Inovev company. 20 centuries 80 time, hold the position of Reynolds company car minister of plastic career ministry (this branch is in charge of material of SMC of car of research and development now) ; Controller of career of car of Rhone Poulenc of advanced data company is held the position of again after. Speech summary: Pay close attention to electric car market, mix especially the development of European market. Electric car decreases heavy necessity. Replace the influence of hot motivation car to the spare parts with electric car: The spare parts that disappear, occurrence spare parts, modification part, untouched spare parts. The new opportunity of car composite material. We expect your participation sincerely! The conference signs up: Contact means: At precious 18653463667 (small letter is the same as date)

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