MHP company Dr. Sebastian Kirmse (left) Ceng Zaina A pulls Ba Ma university to participate in new-style composite material to consider, tobias Hoffmeister (right) for MHP company total talent holds CEO concurrently

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
The A austral the United States pulls the Kuang-Ting Hsiao of Ba Ma university to teach research and development of group near future to give ZT-CFRP, this is a kind of new-style carbon fiber that contains a lot ofaccept rice grain enhances composite material, study the job is aided financially by NASA at first. Now, american scientific foundation (NSF) continue to fund this project, drive this school to build extensive research cooperation, with make full use of and releasing latent capacity of advanced composite material, ensure ZT-CFRP can be pushed quickly to broader market. Except university of Na Ala Ba Ma, shared 5 enterprises that come from all trades and professions to participate in collaboration, include company of MHP company, motion of racing bicycle of the nimble when protecting among them, company of UST Mamiya United States, company of hertz family name and Dong Lifu join company of material United States. According to relevant report, MHP general and this university spread out to add up to those who serve as ZT-CFRP to coil to make Cheng Sheng produce technology design to provide support to coiling cheek by jowl. MHP company will produce crucial effect in cooperating this, make production makes the big batch material of low cost be a likelihood. According to plan requirement, this project goal pushs ZT-CFRP before 2024 to the market. MHP company values perspective of technology of new-style composite material, believe its have tremendous progress latent capacity. This kind of new-style composite material contains a lot ofspecific and directional accept rice particle, increase via carbon fiber, have a variety of exceedingly good character. Fiber of carbolic accept rice with zigzag line (Z glyph) formal thrust deep into the enemy forces is between common carbon fiber, form a kind of brand-new fabric, among them mechanical, report and thermic load distributing to go up in all direction of composite material interior, the electrical conductivity that improved data significantly (especially with direction of common fibrous orthogonality) . The university expresses Alabama south, afore-mentioned structure and functional character mean ZT-CFRP to make a structure than traditional aluminium not only light, the tenacity that still compares steel is better, enhance composite material with traditional carbon fiber (CFRP) photograph comparing, more be destroyed not easily by mechanical power (pound for example destroy) influence. ZT-CFRP already can beforehand dip expects the form is used, OK also the form of colophony film is used, can use at optimizing a tradition beforehand dip makings, also can be together agglutinate of two kinds of material, improve material machinery, heat and report thereby connect gender and a durable sex. ZT-CFRP has wide application latent capacity, be in not only foreground of auto industry, aerospace is exceedingly good, still can have low cost to apply potential in the athletic sports domain such as golf. To the car, industrial group devotes oneself to to provide high level security for the passenger all the time, reduce weight hard at the same time, reduce specific power consumption. ZT-CFRP can replace the aluminium alloy chassis that traditional car uses, become select material to expect, enhance composite material to traditional carbon fiber for, means of this kind of application was considered as in the past impossible, especially the component of higher to bearing thermic load. The pattern with new-style OK also and similar composite material applies at spacecraft. In addition, golf lever hopeful becomes lighter below the action of this kind of material, more powerful. Because its are muti_function characteristic, this kind of material still may need to explore wider applied range.

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