5 bibcock enterprise established to reclaim with what Europe is base allied, after aiming to will be consumed plastic pack reclaim through chemistry translate into is primitive quality resinous raw material. According to saying, germany seeks advice and project leader Source One facilitated the formation that this one collaboration concerns, include native land trash to manage company Landbell and A among them. Chemistry of Siemer-Entsorgungs, England reclaims company Plastic Energy, Saudi Chemicals and sand of plastic tycoon Sabic are special fundamental industry company.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Concern according to the partner, pack after the consumption that Landbell will be in the new sorting of Vechta and processing plant to offer classified hind to Siemer. This establishment course is transformed and redesign, the material of the trash after the low grade that cannot reclaim before is consumed, use combination technology departs from inside plastic waste material bilge, eyewinker and impurity.

Say according to Landbell, siemer will produce per year a quantity in its for 25, after the consumption that already classified is being handled further in 000 tons establishment, pack, deliver to material the 50/50 joint ventures that in Holand by Sabic and Plastic Energy Glyn manages jointly to produce Tacoil. This establishment last year second half of the year begins operation.

According to this plan, company of industry of sand spy base handles the hydrogenation that builds in its Tacoil of device lieutenant general to process Trucircle brand but raw material of second birth polycarbonate. Sabic produces this resin in the factory of a Holand of low Er root.

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