A few days ago, weisidasi announces will with Denmark but European Energy of company of second birth energy cooperates, have maritime test to V236-15.0 MW type, test position is apart from Frederikshavn harbor to make an appointment with 4 kilometers. In Feburary 2021, weisidasi released his the maritime type ——V236-15.0 MW of new fund. This 15MW fan is 280 meters tall, 115.5 meters blade length created a record at that time with the area sweeping wind of 43 thousand square metre. Current, weisidasi is producing an archetypal engine, predict to be in center of Danish Østerild test to have onshore test later on this year. Be worth what carry is, the prototype of SG 14-222 DD14MW of beautiful Sa of Xi Menzi song, also checking a center to move in Østerild. In the meantime, weisidasi already began to prepare maritime test. Pass the installation of prototype, weisidasi hopes to be able to find a kind more the installation method of actor, help industry answers aircrew large change brought difficulty; More important is, collect fan to be occupied in the carry linage of maritime environment, the technical feasibility that fan of test and verify runs in maritime environment, adjust optimize. Weisidasi did not disclose the prototype amount that will have maritime test, state from theirs nevertheless in light of, the likelihood exceeds installation a prototype. Weisidasi expresses at the same time, frederikshavn harbor and distance of its Denmark factory are closer, have better haven resource and sea labour to supply catenary base, the hope makes his but center of second birth the sources of energy. Besides building maritime wind cable, still build form a complete set Power-to-X facility, fuel of green of translate into of green electric power, drive shipping decrease a platoon to undertake. Up to now, v236-15.0 MW type already obtained 1.8GWNorfolk Boreas of electric field of maritime wind of German 900MWHe Dreiht, England the order of the many projects such as maritime wind electric field, foreground is valued.

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15-18 December

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