In Berlin super factory (Giga Berlin) on the news briefing, tesla second showed group of new structural sex batteries. In the meantime, according to tesla banquet apparitor dust grand · Ma Sike (Elon Musk) view, tesla suffers the 4680 batteries of attention to will be produced at large quantities of quantities beginning by 2022 fully. On October 9, on the open to the public “Giga Fest” activity that holds in Berlin, tesla invited the local dweller that backs this company to visit tesla to be located in new plant of Germany. During visiting factory, this company disclosed a lot of interesting detail, revealed the interesting thing in the Model Y that will produce over. In addition, tesla returns the group of structural sex batteries that showed to be comprised by 4680 batteries. Well-known, the structure of the car is the crucial component of its efficiency and function. This is tesla dedicated the account that reinforces its car structure at continueing. And the “CTC batteries ” that the group of batteries of sex of this kind of structure of tesla may be a real significance. Alleged CTC (Cell To Chassis) , common ground is told even if batteries cancelled modular group and packets whole concept, direct use automobile body regards the fluctuation of batteries as the lid, batteries and automobile body be in harmony for an organic whole. This kind of design is OK restrospect to 2020 the ” of “ batteries day of tesla, this company announces to will use a kind of new batteries framework to improve the design of its car at that time. To car manufacturer, this is the radical solution of component of a kind of production car. According to this kind innovation is designed, the batteries external form with tesla new have the aid of, can big limit ground reduces negative quality, increase the density of batteries group thereby. Next batteries can locate effectively, reduce the redundant construction inside the itself that pack further. And equip the model of group of this kind of batteries, in the around of chassis each have part of two mould pressing, batteries can put an inter. Accordingly, this also simplified to produce working procedure and flow greatly. In addition, because batteries group can set the center in the car, its security also increased with respect to big earth. Now, the car of tesla can get be protectived better when flank collides. In addition, the batteries that places centrally rose to drive function, namely nimble sex. These improvement still make the weight of batteries group decreased 10% , increased the add boat mileage of 14% , reduced amount of car spare parts significantly, raised the integral structure integrality of car. 4680 batteries are tesla gets one of expectant products fully all the time, because it will reduce manufacturing cost greatly, this is crucial to be being used extensively of electric car. Compare with the content photograph that shared on ” of “ batteries day in September 2020, 4680 batteries also brought a large number of innovation. Ma Sike expressed in July on conference of telephone of earnings of the 2nd quarter 2021, this is pair of advanced techniques not just is tiny improve. However, at present this company is faced with production but the problem of expansibility, this defer the big batch production of new battery. Ma Sike expresses, tesla has been ordered in Austin and Berlin and continue to receive a large number of at the equipment of mass production cell using. But the thing that in the United States considering this company pilot factory acquires Fremont, they give cannot help doing a few revise. Accordingly, tesla still cannot begin to produce 4680 cell instantly. But Ma Sike hopes, although be below the circumstance that cannot foreknow, next year can obtain driving outstanding achievement, to this year the end of the year, year of crop general of this kind of batteries achieve 50gwh to 100gwh. But Masike confirms, the new battery production of this factory will be by 2022 achieve full load.

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