The solidify temperature of all sorts of solidify agents each are not identical, the hear resistance of condensate also has very big different. Popularly says, the solidify dose with use solidify high temperature can get the condensate with admirable heat-resisting. To agent of addition polymerization solidify, solidify temperature and hear resistance rise by following order: Adipose a group of things with common features many amine < fat < of much amine of annulus a group of things with common features is balmy a group of things with common features acid anhydride of < of phenolic aldehyde of much amine ≈ . Catalysis is added get together model the hear resistance cardinal principle of solidify agent is in level of scent much amine. Anion polymerization (amine of father's younger brother and Mi Zun compound) , cation polymerization (BF3 complexing content) hear resistance is basically identical, although initiative reaction mechanism is different,this basically is, but the reticulate structure that forms ether key union eventually. Solidify reaction attributes chemical response, suffer solidify temperature the impact is very big, temperature heighten, react speed is accelerated, gel time shortens; Rise of gel time to show linear downtrend roughly along with solidify temperature to numerical value, but solidify temperature is exorbitant, often make condensate function drops, put in the upper limit of solidify temperature so; Must choose the temperature that makes solidify speed and condensate function eclectic, regard appropriate solidify as temperature. Press solidify temperature to be able to be solidify agent cent 4 kinds: Temperature of solidify of microtherm solidify agent is under room temperature; Temperature of solidify of cold curing agent is room temperature ~ 50 ℃ ; Lukewarm solidify agent is 50 ~ in 100 ℃ ; Temperature of solidify of agent of high temperature solidify is in 100 ℃ above. Belong to microtherm solidify model solidify agent breed is very few, have get together Liu alcohol, ester of much surprise cyanic acid etc; The T-31 modified amine of domestic development put into production, YH—82 modified amine all can be under 0 ℃ solidify. Belong to cold curing model a lot of more phyletic: Adipose a group of things with common features annulus of much amine, fat a group of things with common features much amine; Small element polyamide and modified fragrant amine. The Wen Gu in belonging to is changed model have one part fat Zun of amine of much amine of annulus a group of things with common features, father's younger brother, narrow one's eyes kind and 3 fluorine change boracic complexing content to wait. Belong to agent of high temperature solidify have scent a group of things with common features amine of colophony of phenolic aldehyde of much amine, acid anhydride, armour rank, amino colophony, double cyanogen and acyl hydrazine. To system of high temperature solidify, solidify temperature is divided commonly for two phase, microtherm solidify is used before gel, after achieving gel condition or more tallish than gel condition status, again high temperature heats the solidify after undertaking (Post-cure) , opposite before Duan Gu melt into beforehand solidify (Pre-cure) . Epoxy resinJust must have economic value in order to build structures of 3 Xiang Li system with solidify agent reaction. Because the structure of this solidify agent and character will be direct,affect the applied result of epoxy resin. Abroad is rightSolidify agentresearch and development are far more active than epoxy resin, compare with photograph of epoxy resin breed, solidify agent breed is more, and confidential sex is very strong. Every develop a kind of new solidify medicine to be able to solve the problem of a respect, be equivalent to developing a kind of new epoxy resin or open up epoxy resin a new use. Visible, development is new-style solidify agent is far more new-style than development epoxy resin is more important. More information pays close attention to of composite material website please

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