On October 10, current technology is new and high secretary of Party committee of data group limited company, president, general manager, ministry of Li Hanyu of general manager of department of development of Zhuang Xiaoxiong of president of limited company of spin science academy, strategy, general management is advanced department of development of director cereal month, strategy is advanced be in charge of Liu Tianyin and investment career ministry is advanced be in charge of Zhang Lei to wait come to Hua Chang company, have technical communication. President holds Sha Yuan of assume personal command of general manager Liu, assistant chief engineer, function concurrently of Xu of plastic department manager, investment recruits department assistant manager Huang Dongwei participated in communication activity. Zhuang Xiaoxiong's secretary introduced current technology in detail first the history of group of new and high data and market limits. Main component is business 3: Piece for advanced make, basically make with spin and advanced machine tool give priority to. Regard a center as look forward to, it is the enterprise of the count as one of the best inside the industry at the same time, have sense of responsibility and mission feeling, the group establishs academy of class machine tool, capture difficult problem; The 2nd is blood dialytic film medical material. Nowadays, the blood of our country appears velar dosage to be in annual 100 thousand, demand is bigger, and a lot of raw material still count an import, blood is dialytic in the future the orgnaization that sinks to the common people such as community hospital and hospital of villages and towns to be contacted more easily from haemal center, demand will increase further, this also brought driving business point of growth for the group; The 3rd is ballproof helmet. President of Liu assume personal command accompanies company of visiting Hua Chang to produce base, introduced China prosperous company to develop prospect of characteristic of course, product, market, china prosperous company combines market trend, ceaseless innovation develops, product from anticorrosion colophony of not saturated polyester, vinyl ester colophony and coating, as 2 period the building of base of production of 13500 tons of high-powered data, the business of China prosperous company extends epoxy resin of high-powered special type, high end to get together again sulphone is thermoplastic colophony and model of fine of —— of economy of environmental protection loop the domain such as composite material, for new material development adds a brick to add tile ceaselessly. Subsequently, how is both sides extended cooperative application to spread out each other discuss, china prosperous company was shared to get together during model of sulphone colophony, fine the successful case such as base of machine tool of concrete of research of composite material application, polymer, with period for the product promotion provides experience, both sides expresses to will strengthen communication cooperation henceforth, realize mutually beneficial win-win. Hua Changju closes matter   is dedicated high quality colophony 63 years

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