On April 15, aircrew of “FD70 of Oriental wind report changes to optimize plan ” evaluation to be able to be held for 77 lamina technical reformation, come from Beijing ancient bronze mirror judge the industry that center of attestation center, company of certificate of quality of ship's classification society, certificate of quality and report build group Beijing survey to design the unit such as the academy is famous the expert attends the meeting. Listening to east new can engineer of science and technology is calculated about wind resource analysis, whole airborne carry on one's shoulder, strategy of check of security of nucleus of component intensity school, foundation, control is adjusted, electricenergy production is evaluated, optimize improve after waiting for the introduction, expert group offerred precious opinion and proposal from many professional point of view, through strict, careful, sufficient discussion, expert group thinks reasonable, risk can dominate this program consistently, extract effect remarkable. Group of electric machinery of wind of series of double make a present of of 1.5MW of Oriental wind report FD70, FD77, FD82, FD89 uses platform to change a design, its hub, frame, change the main part such as bearing of paddle bearing, main shaft shafting, crab all identical, aircrew designs safe abundant to spend big, transform for aircrew lamina lengthen laid a foundation. Better to wind resource condition inchoate electric field of the wind that join movement, can pass change longer lamina, increase impeller diameter, with elevating aircrew electricenergy production further. FD70-1500 aircrew changes for 77 lamina, pass namely change blade, unit former impeller diameter increases from 70 meters reach 77 meters. According to already transforming statistic of data of wind electric field, the aircrew after transforming runs stability, only station set promotes electricenergy production 10%-20% . Of this second evaluation optimize plan, it is Oriental new can science and technology is passed be based on lengthen of lamina of aircrew of electric field of wind of more than 10 congener product to transform experience, put forward through sufficient survey and argumentation, can reduce further transform this 20% above, bring more remarkable economic benefits for the user.

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15-18 December

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