Maikemen extends solution of its surface modified further, aim to raise an industry to use the function of textile and function, the applied domain of these products includes medical treatment and building, sanitation, car, filter medium, beforehand dip expects and consumable

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Taste newly will raid series of     Unyte is Maikemen is muti_function one of solutions of technology of ability in swimming, use textile and the weaving that use in dip fabric design beforehand and blame weaving data in the light of the industry, implementation shapes advancedly form and function. These solutions add exert oneself, caking property, skid resistance, processability through improvement, be able to bear or endure the function that chemical sex and hear resistance will come to to improve spin product. Unyte Bind series offers a variety of solutions, enhance the adherent power between fiber and fiber. Solution of Unyte Heat series is in primary hear resistance is offerred in machining a process with 2 class, also gift in applying eventually hear resistance. Unyte Glide series increases lubricity and slip sex, fibrous silk is promoted in be being produced with textile in the industry bundle spread out. This series product also can be used as size, come off in order to optimize, the treatment function of overhang and fabric. Unyte Grip series promotes the adherent force between fiber and polymer matrix, the help improves all sorts of functions or mechanical performance. Unyte Slip series prevents fabric, blame weaving cloth and beforehand dip makings does not cause adhesion when pile. Unyte Resist series aims to be fabric, weaving and blame weaving content to offer fight wet sex and moistureproof sex admirably / be able to bear or endure chemical sex. Fiber and manager of composite material market Mr Jared Stonecash say Maikemen: Maikemen has “ make up finishing of ability in swimming (include size, size agent, adhesive and the agent that become film) the professional knowledge of the respect, pass the understanding that we use to terminal, be able to enhance our professional knowledge, offer a series of solutions that can last with textile manufacturer for the industry thereby, for its application provides all sorts of functions, OK at fiber class applying, also can undertake the processing of more advanced course to textile. ”Ginseng exhibit premonitory: International composite material exhibits experience of   more solution, the welcome arrives at the spot to visit communication! Time: Ground of 25-27 day   nodded in December 2021: Door of   Mai Ke exhibits exhibition of Shanghai world rich: B1438,   of   of a house about Maikemen door of   Mai Ke is to be an industry to provide environmental protection the developer of advanced material and manufacturing business, for coating, presswork and pack and industry of fiber composite material offers a solution. Maikemen is the exterior additive of the company, aggregate kind colophony precedes of manufacturer approbate, increased value for a lot of industry application, include carpentry and ground to safeguard, the many domains such as Chinese ink of metal and industrial coating, water, smooth oil, fiber, composite material and building. In the meantime, as in cut off and functional sex coating and number presswork the innovate person of bottom besmear industry, maikemen is packed for consumable and industrial product, paper product, label and commerce presswork the product offerred whole set solution. Maikemen sets manufacturing base in North America, Europe and Asia, product research and development and technical service center are set in a few big staple market, the business that owns a course to groom strictly inside limits develops personnel, provide all-around support to cross country and this locality client.

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