On Feburary 19 1130 when, the flat barge “ that carries a conduit of type of attraction of area of C of long happy open waters to wear fan foundation brace up refute 19” annulus in tug assistance leaves the port area inside Cong Minjiang mouth slowly sail toward area of C of long happy open waters maritime wind electric field, indicating Fujian is provincial the maritime wind electric field of a craft of construction of foundation of attraction type fan throws construction smoothly. Project introduction   grows happy open waters project of area of C of maritime wind electric field is located in Fuzhou mayor happy to the south of maritime space of about 50 kilometers, include the Fujian Province 2020 major project project, project total investment is 11.19 billion yuan, plan to decorate conduit of 49 attraction type to wear fan foundation in all, it is current home 8MW business uses model maritime wind electric field, also be home conduit of type of attraction of deep water of big batch open waters wears a foundation maritime wind electric field. Conduit of type of attraction of equipment giving movement wears a foundation to transfer by attraction picket, conduit wearing and upside box roof beam paragraph of 3 parts composition, with the tradition photograph of foundation of fan of picket radical type is compared, have construction to install convenient, noise small, but repeated usage, convenient demolish, suffer depth of water to increase an influence small wait for an advantage. The attraction form that gave movement that day guides pipe rack base grows 40.45 rice, 36.37 meters wide, 85.74 meters tall, weight to amount to 1936 tons, it is current home the attraction type conduit that tall, weight weighs the monomer height that gives movement smoothly wears a foundation. ””This second carry tall height is great since building port for Fuzhou harbor equipment, cargo ship team connects sea channel to sail to range of area of electric field of wind of area of C of long happy open waters to be as long as from Fujian river 30 sea mile, at least 6 hours grow when carrying, during carrying, need to take up Fujian river opens sea channel more for long, add shipping to operate be gotten wind area by limitation, facility for transporting big, shipping changes direction avoid allow the condition such as difficulty, raised taller requirement to environment of be open to navigation or air traffic and safeguard of order of be open to navigation or air traffic.    ”To ensure district of C of long happy open waters construction of construction of project of major project of maritime wind electric field is begun smoothly, ensure pulling exercise safety, fuzhou is maritime the branch intervenes ahead of schedule, elaborate organization, science is arranged, careful deploy, had done safety of each be open to navigation or air traffic to guarantee the job seriously, make equipment of phone of maritime and large wind give the ” of “ Fuzhou experience of carry successfully. The organization on the base that organizes harmonious   to be communicated in early days ahead of schedule holds big equipment to give movement harmonious meeting, strengthen what wait for each unit with the ship of construction unit, carriage unit, production manufacturer, pulling to communicate harmonious, analyse big seaborne characteristic and difficulty seriously, for maritime pulling safety of carriage plan, be open to navigation or air traffic ensures measure, maritime lash-up beforehand the case offer maritime and professional opinion. Science of   of executive traffic control arranges harbor of shipping pass in and out to plan, release shipping to leave a port ahead of schedule dynamic information, connect estuarine of Duan Zhimin of boat of pig of sea channel black to Fujian river when Shi Lin of Duan Shi of boat of float of a lamp two-way traffic control, reasonable undertake traffic is organized, force of the alert on seasonable deploy water, assure pulling boat group unobstructed of order of around water area. Place of Lian Jianghai work of   of spot safeguard convoy and arrangement of batch of disciplinary action of job of long Le Hai are maritime execute the law boat a light boat and execute the law personnel undertakes spot be open to navigation or air traffic order is safeguarded and carry out convoy alert, supervise and urge cargo ship ship strengthens big equipment to fasten solid colligation and crucial safety to be checked oneself, seasonable advise drive leaves the hindering ship boats and ships on carriage course, ensure safety of voyage of pulling boat group. Shipping of   of monitoring of whole journey trends hands in tubal center to use the method such as VTS, AIS, CCTV to undertake key monitoring to process of pulling of maritime Sunday run, supervise and urge exercise shipping shows signal by the regulation, open AIS equipment, strengthen VHF value to defend, release voyage security information at the same time, remind associate with shipping notices to avoid let. According to arrangement, conduit wearing is carried go up to C area sea after area of field of construction of wind electric field, the 30” of Zhen Hua of “ of large crane ship that waits by the spot annulus undertake rising aing string of 1 installing instantly. 20 days afternoon, as attraction canister slow on the seabed that sinks to about 40 meters of depth of water, indicating sea of area of C of long happy open waters is windward make one's bow of electric field project is comprehensive construction phase. (30” of “ Zhen Hua builds independently by our country, this rounds of odd jib is OK trice 12000 tons clog, 7000 tons clog can finish 360 degrees of whole slew, a string of 1 heavy ability ranks. )   this second big facilities produces carry to guarantee the job in, throw direct monitoring personnel in all 10 more than person-time, tug of great horse power 3 second, sea patrol a light boat 2 second, cautionary boat a light boat 4 second, the spot maintains cautionary staff 20 more than person-time, carry out temporarily traffic control measure 1, release voyage security information more than times 20. At present construction of electric field of domestic maritime wind is greeting the fastigium that grabs outfit construction, be in season of maritime construction gold again currently, windward cable project is faced with sea of area of C of long happy open waters the difficulty such as insecurity of time limit for a project, sequel still will have more fan base facilities to pass the sea urgently aspirant travel gives carry and installation construction. Maritime branch is supporting Fuzhou the clean energy industry such as windward report grows Fujian Province sea to stand ahead of schedule, base oneself upon is maritime and professional advantage, offer high grade safety actively to superintend with maritime service, help enterprise overcomes a lot of disadvantage of taiwan strait great storms hard, wait for water of equipment of phone of decisive maritime wind to go up for fan foundation safety of be open to navigation or air traffic giving movement provides strong safeguard, for Fujian project of maritime wind cable builds creation advantage smoothly.

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