Although the raise on narrow cut of double recently raw material, but very small to the influence of epoxy resin market, the undercurrent below the surface that calms however instead emerges move, trafficker throws a goods in stock under factory price in succession, and the factory also has tall cable low receive, some big plant tariff still reduced Jiangsu yesterday, quote of clean water of market main trend falls in 14.00+- , the longing that gives “ Jin Jiuyin 10 ” cheated a shadow. Colophony market demand is low fan, but next month city offers increment many, besides will be overhauled August and decrease negative yield to be able to restore considerably besides, peaceful of constant of Anhui copper hill 50 thousand tons, 35 thousand tons of device measure Anqing star in succession city yield a range. Pass Zhejiang annals to close formerly with Jiao Zunsan wood each 100 thousand tons of device will want go into operation September, but as we have learned, though,annals closes in a planned way, but Zhejiang will have an Asia Game September, safe recently environmental protection checks day very a day, can approve start working report to be afraid to new clothes buy have difficulty, and the device of Jiao Zunsan wood will leave for certain September come out, approve according to hearing a few necessary licence civil had not come down, examining and approve will be a lengthy process, can leaving at the beginning of next year is pretty good, anyway the market is bad, not urgent also. Annulus is chloric recently tighten for should slanting a bit, hai Xingfu produces delay and have uncertainty, created nervous atmosphere to the market. Hear the middle ten days of a month on next month, heibei advance state 160 thousand tons / year annulus oxygen chloric propane (first phase 80 thousand tons) device plans to go out, the annulus chloric market that can make close phase a bit nervous is soft at a heat. Wind report colophony purchases pair of annulus oxygen markets to have guiding effect, but since this year go from bad to worse. One is terminal demand difference, another is wind report colophony mostly ego arms, produce oneself sell oneself, bring about reduce the market to purchase, very small to the influence of colophony price. Look at present, wind report large family accuses / of share have: Talk unripe day closes to add up to form a complete set by Zhejiang annals (of short duration not put into production) ; Go up abb new material by form a complete set of Anhui beautiful beautiful; Tree new material flies to source form a complete set by Shandong east; Hui Baixin material builds a factory to be in Zhuhai in Zhuhai grand prosperous electron is circumjacent, big probability is strategic collaboration. A few days ago, appear on the market the 51% share that announcement of company Kang Daxin ability buys Dalian to be changed together, see wind report fastens a factory to hope he plays colophony mostly further. The liquid epoxy resin that Dalian will change together henceforth supplies Kang Daxin material is clearly directly. The shareholder thinks: Dalian changes a technology together to calculate in home slant on level, but producing can be lower, market of situation deviate mainstream. If country's bigger plant offsprings chemistry of stars of Nong Jinhu of hill South Asia, raise, Nantong, Changchun, Jiangsu the dimensions such as 3 wood all is Dalian of Qi Hua 3 times 4 times even 6 times. Dalian of integrated production cost changes district sex together to restrict is all colophony manufacturer absolutely in highest, produce according to existing epoxy resin can + of predicting put into production produce can, the price that buys outside big client epoxy resin at present compares manufacturing cost low 300-500 yuan / ton, what is the ultimate goal that can you want to understand Kang Da buys Dalian to be changed together not quite? Industry whole start working leads inadequacy 5 into, this industry a few years in the possibility hasten that misses profit is bordering on 0. Actually Dalian changes asset book value together 85.54 million, assess value 198 million, appreciation is led 131% , buy in order to assess value, it is it seems that considerably excessive price. But asset is evaluated be based on fundamental capital standard, namely replacement cost, it is reasonable actually. If be changed together with Dalian,battalion closed last year 600 million, city is sold rate only 0.33 times, underestimated considerably. Change a respect together to tell from Dalian, as a result of consecutive loss, cash shedding is critical, of Kang Da buy provide timely help of it may be said. To Kang Da, after buying Dalian to be changed together, to in an attempt to of whole industry catenary will develop henceforth, the key is the technical standard that Dalian changes together and technical reserve, it is after all card east the blood relationship that changes, this bit is very valuable. Epoxy resin also is periodic industry, related to economic cycle height, investment is in low ebb period, it is relatively reasonable operation. Below the situation with fatigued and weak market, mostly right Jin Jiuyin 10 do not value. Cost is strong and shipment not beautiful, how formulating reasonable and right market strategy is to examine colophony factory wisdom when, also be test terminal the hour of downstream eye.

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