Stage mud weighed dispatch announcement on March 19: Resolution of classics board of directors believes prosperous chemistry through punish subsidiary — , already issued common stock 100% equity give Changchun colophony. Huang Jian of stage mud spokesman is strong point out, stage mud thinks group business management mode and to create group whole profit, after negotiating relevant trading terms with Changchun colophony via evaluating, sign stock transaction agreement with Changchun colophony, with every 18.187 yuan, add up to pair of 2.4 billion yuan price, sell stage mud hold believes prosperous chemistry total equity adds up to 132 million. After buying, double phenolic A produces letter prosperous can 107 thousand tons, predicting market adds 8000 tons of double phenolic A newly every months. Stage mud expresses: The chemistry that believe prosperous is in deficit condition for years since 2012, stage mud already stopped the chemistry that believe prosperous to appear on the market lawfully before, with integrated group natural resources.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Additional, stage mud thinks company development direction and this enterprise store goal of development of future of can relevant career is consistent, stage mud also will invest upper limit of the sources of energy of stage mud loop 10 billion yuan, the plan adds two product line newly. Belong to through group place can yuan science and technology turns investment subsidiary 3 yuan of the sources of energy, the plan is in stage mud Kaohsiung site of mill of small harbor paper, establish Taiwan super battery plant. The nickel that basically produces high-ranking high capacity to fill discharge power high 3 yuan of batteries, produce can 1.8GW, be equivalent to one year can producing a place of 24000 electric cars to need to grow Cheng batteries to measure, at present can yuan the yield of the factory austral stage of science and technology can be 1.5GW/ year. Can yuan nowadays of science and technology has been the business of lithium battery production with big Taiwan, also be the main supplier of brands of a lot of Euramerican and famous high-ranking home appliance, but the equipment that purchases 3 years ago, can't answer next generation batteries to make Cheng place need, because this ability has,mud of new plant, stage is established to add in Kaohsiung endowment the important decision of 10 billion. To the demand zoom of high-powered batteries, gross production took each country 80 million times last year with the car, among them Tesla produced nearly 500 thousand only, because,be batteries in short supply.   of company brief introduction believes Inc. of prosperous chemistry industry to held water in May 1991, headquarters is located in Taipei city, the factory is located in Kaohsiung, early be by the stage mud and in petrifaction is joint-stock hold water, for manufacturer of major of product of series of phenolic ketone of complete Taiwan home, nevertheless the petrifaction in 2011 already exited company shareholder status, stage mud is held 50% . Logged onto the market that promote ark in October 2006, turned in October 2007 appear on the market hang out one's shingle trade. Factory of Changchun man-made colophony held water 1949, main product has Copper Foil of paper radical Fu board, its are produced per month can can says to be belonged to completely 2, supply include home and abroad's famous electron, computer and printed circuit board manufacturer, a large amount of other products have epoxy resin, epoxy resin to shape close colophony of pink, United States dried meat shapes colophony of pink, urea becomes profile, applique colophony, formaldehyde, 3 polyformaldehyde to wait, basically use at electron, electric machinery, semiconductor, home appliance, communication, coating, wait for an industry.

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