Woweiwo water technology (China) limited company is the company crossing a state that has Shi Chuancheng of nearly 200 single-page calendar, major servicing is electronic industry, offer for semiconductor industry especially super- pure water, time handle a project with water, liquid waste, extensive force is had in industry. “ we are very proud, woweiwo and our client together, witnessed the enormous changes of Pudong, the development that also witnessed Pudong semiconductor industry, mature, and even of Chinese semiconductor career grow. Mr of ” company legal person. Thomas Fulde tells a reporter.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Business spreads all over Woweiwo the whole world, the client covered round firm of almost all and famous semiconductor, brilliant. Be in early 2001, chinese company with respect to Shanghai of optional location settle, the Shanghai Pudong Zhang Jiang that weighs headquarters on what have ” of “ China Silicon Valley high-tech garden area. Accompanying the bitter fleabane break out of domestic semiconductor career to exhibit, be in later 20 old in, woweiwo (China) thick accumulate thin hair, participated in home early or late greatly small 120 many projects, among them, the semiconductor firm with main Pudong is Woweiwo's client.

The development key of high-tech enterprise is a talent, pudong government serves at the enterprise, let an enterprise can draw talent, tarry talented person energetically, in last few years, woweiwo is new introduced Shanghai of settle of 35 first-class staff, and backbone power is being assumed in each groups. Woweiwo (China) company dimensions expands ceaselessly, in the whole world at present each countries are mixed is employee in the area the branch with most, the briskest business, already became the technology of area, service center.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

This year in July, woweiwo water technology (China) limited company is awarded Shanghai thirtieth certificate of headquarters of area of 7 batches of transnational corporation.

Woweiwo is accumulated with technical precipitation by right of old experience, be aimed at partial equipment and bad news material, the partner is sought in home. It is with UV and colophony material exemple, the UV that all before project uses and colophony rely on foreign entrance in great quantities, delivery time is long, supply of goods and supply catenary to cannot accuse. Add the international condition that tries to reach constant change as demand, more homebred raw material are being developed ceaselessly in in a steady stream and in replacing, woweiwo had had his UV facility plant and colophony production processing factory now, the product satisfies requirement of high level function completely, obtained favorable result. In the meantime, woweiwo also is in undertake actively discussing with the person that be the same as an industry, pass the iteration of old real data and applied summary, research establishs newer occupation standard. Below new environment, promotion exceeds the water quality purity of pure water and plan of circular second birth, the high quality of half-and-half conductor industry can develop a sense continuously great.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Although Woweiwo is enterprise of a foreign capital, but design from the core technology of the project, had finished 100 percent mainland to change a course.

Headquarters of company of the region that cross a state is established in Pudong, proving Woweiwo to choose to be stationed in Zhang Jiang at first is correct, also be the evidence that the enterprise enters benign development drive, in the meantime, this and various government to the enterprise approbate with giving aid to energetically is inseparable.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Future, the company will continue to expand in the business of professional water treatment inside countrywide limits, devote oneself to with Woweiwo (China) area headquarters radiate reachs countrywide various places, let company business there is a good and orderly health in home up development trend, the water treatment business that is industry of national semiconductor, microelectronics continues to contribute wisdom.

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