Taiwan east EG of couplet brunt product (glycol) build on boom circulates, and open changes direction by EG special mode of chemically battalion carry, xu Dong of this company president Xu expresses, besides rise in price drive, the company still has innovation capacity; Assistant president Xi Jiayi thinks, second half of the year does not have the difference that everybody anticipates. Xi Jiayi expresses, this year oil price beforehand appraise is in 100 yuan of above, the effect is caused downstream in going up to petrifaction course of study, bigger to European concussion, like that Dong Liansheng produces base to be in Asian Taiwan Kaohsiung, mainland Yangzhou, have cost advantage relatively.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Xi Jiayi points out, the mainland is sealed after accusing measure to will remove on June 1, wanting the job is promotion GDP, shrink with the United States the way of the watch is opposite, the government raises loan specified amount to spend, enterprise of much measure help and consumer; See second half of the year be inferior to anticipating pessimism at present, integral demand can promote, abroad should see Russian black war when end. Cai Xijin says couplet general manager east: Structure of source of internal energy of course of study is at present compact, but east couplet has jumped mode, with little kind larger, direct with the market give priority to, cooperate terminal demand to expand production of green environmental protection, press close to develops important way for the technology downstream. Maintain manufacturing flexibility and fluctuation to swim collaboration. Couplet has 4 new products to begin a quantity to produce in succession east: ” of “ ethylene amine is used in the sclerosis of epoxy resin; “ gets together ether amine (PEA) ” can aggrandizement model changes product tenacity; ” of ramification of ethylene of “ annulus oxygen is used in make special chemically is tasted; “ semiconductor class carbon dioxide ” , can maintain semiconductor to make Cheng stability.

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15-18 December

New York City