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Taisijinpu is quickened new-style the application that twines equipment

Recently, the center of northwest composite material that Mancunian university material is country of subject Yu Ying (NWCC) with Tai Sijin general of company of composite material technology (Cygnet Texkimp) announce to begin a collaboration to study a project, tai Sijin the “ much axis of general company twines equipment (MAW) ” and “3D twine equipment (3D Winder) ” technology parts with the “ braiding machine with global now trade (Braiding) ” and “ tradition fiber are twined, what be used in order to reveal at making composite material part is new-style and stereo twine shape the actual strength of equipment. This research will be mixed by the attestation of composite material of business organization —— of NWCC evaluate a center (NCCEF) dominant undertakes, get British project and science research council (EPSRC) capital support. NCCEF is mixed for aerospace, car, oil the Tier1 with natural gas, ocean and wind energy main industry and Tier2 supplier offer independence, approbate inside course of study detect and appraisal serves. The twister of MAW much axis that this project will use firm of Tai Sijin general, 3D twister, traditional braiding machine and traditional fiber twine equipment to make a series of composite material parts, undertake a series of mechanical function check, include to bent at 4 o'clock, pound and bend after concussion, in order to study the effect that how are intensity and scathing allowance made a technology.

The 3D twister of company of Tai Sijin general was rolled out 2018, it is one kind is based on what 9 axes robot twines a concept to twine equipment. It is at that time plant in congener equipment can enlarge of fast and accurate shakedown measures fiber, in order to make solid and but reduplicative is complex the tradition of a kind of imitate that curves composite material component braids shaping automatic twister. Twister of MAW much axis was rolled out in January 2021, the improvement that is 3D twister edition. Equipment used the design concept of static core model, offer higher resolution to handle the feature of smaller measure or complex geometrical construction. This equipment is ditty face, small angle to run shape component research and development only, applied product includes plane ala bridge, prevent bump profile of etc of structural member, conduit. Expert of research and development Dr. Yan Yan of the company expresses Taisijinpu: Twister of “MAW much axis and 3D twister are blame Chang Xinying and the technology that provide innovation extremely. Abide by the requirement of exterior test orgnaization strictly, will conduce to us collecting valuable data, show its utility and profit to the industry, apply in order to accelerate its. We have hope to our new-style equipment, while they are reducing cost, offerred shape out and away speed and handling capacity. The research of NWCC still showed the technical advantage of new facility from the intensity of finished product and impact resistance respect. ”More and more composite material manufacturer mix “ eventually the user begins to go after better, more effective high-powered material and spare parts to produce a method, scientific sex ground studies and make a technology become quite all the more is important. Such research project is opposite not only new technology of test and verify is very useful, still can help commercial client choose suit their technology. The main purpose that we study is to quantify what how use according to place to make a method spend structural function and scathing allowance greatly. ”Professor Potluri of NCCEF center expresses, “ university is producing crucial effect in the connection between academia and industrial group, support is had change of the innovation concept of manufacturing industry latent capacity commercialize, be united in wedlock with the knowledge of top-ranking company and resource photograph, the job that means us can produce truly positive effect to whole industry. ”
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