One, generation set of wind-force of S48/750kW of Jin Feng of brief introduction   uses horizontal axis, 3 blade, on wind direction, calm paddle is apart from dynamo of stall adjustment, asynchronous and the overall design program of the net, also be to go up now technical maturity, structure one of wind- driven generation set with simple, reliable function. Aircrew contains automatic crab system, can determine the direction of wind- driven generation set automatically according to vane signal. When deflexion of wind direction happening, control system basis vane signal, make through crab drive system engine room aims wind direction automatically. Crab system contains damp control when the job, use the design that optimizes crab speed, make aircrew crab rotates more smooth. But the safe stability that assures crab system moves appear particularly important. The following with respect to the protection of system of crab of fan of Jin Feng S48/750kW the function talks about a few his views: Crab protects a function to basically go out with newspaper of crab overload fault signal, it is by crab hot relay the movement gives out signal, to make aircrew safety stops machine. The working principle of hot relay is produce quantity of heat by the electric current that flows into hot component, the bimetallic that makes have different coefficient of expansion piece produce deformation, when deformation achieves certain distance, can urge connecting rod action, make control circuit to disconnect, make contactor breaks phone thereby, main circuit disconnects, the overload that realizes electric machinery protects a movement. 2, a few kinds of reasons that heat up relay happening movement: 1. In moving process, see a picture 2 in open power transmission to adding up to QF8.3 sky, moving period of time heats up relay FR8.3/FR8.5 movement, can eliminate circuit short circuit or ground connection; If close to open QF8.3 for nothing while heat up relay to FR8.3/FR8.5 produces an action or open direct start aside for nothing, check circuit or contactor K15.3, sky to open QF8.3, hot relay mainly FR8.3/FR8.5 noumenon; 2. In the unit that grows in run time, because heat up relay FR8.3/FR8.5 ageing, the orgnaization misoperation that cause or movement of bypass the immediate leadership; Produce this kind of breakdown, can move batch of relay that use heat through the hand upright test is connected on FR8.3/FR8.5 piece, if OK and normal motion, can show hot relay FR8.3/FR8.5 can work normally; If dial,move connect a hot relay FR8.3/FR8.5 not movement, explain this heats up relay FR8.3/FR8.5 has damaged, more FR8.3/FR8.5 can eliminate heat exchange relay this kind of breakdown; 3. Because circuit wiring becomes loose,bring about hot relay FR8.3/FR8.5 or circuitry are calorific, cause hot relay FR8.3/FR8.5 movement; Right now, should disconnect to leave for nothing, identify after having voltage however, the end on FR8.3/FR8.5 reachs close solid hot relay issue paragraph of join terminal, can resolve this kind of trouble; 4. Because overload forms hot relay FR8.3/FR8.5 movement, in moving process, because overload can have been formed,flow produce overheat, hot relay can be caused after overheat FR8.3/FR8.5 movement. If encounter,running relay of postheat of period of time normally the circumstance of FR8.3/FR8.5 movement, because overload is formed,the odds of 80% is, overload causes overheat, overheat brings about hot relay FR8.3/FR8.5 movement, breakdown of overload of electric machinery of aircrew occurrence crab; Need to examine 3 aspects right now: 3, mechanical respect: Whether does bearing of electric machinery of 3.1 examinations crab get stuck acerbity; Whether is reducer of 3.2 examinations crab put in abnormal knocking, calorie of acerbity phenomenon appears in moving; Drum of reducer of 3.3 examinations crab and crab age whether clearance of clench the teeth is inside normal limits greatly; Whether big tine of 3.4 examinations crab ruptures or the eyewinker gets stuck. 4, electric field: Whether is electric machinery short of 4.1 examination crab to move; Voltage of three-phase of travel of accident of report of 4.2 examinations crab is normal; Insulation of winding of electric machinery of 4.3 examinations crab is good; Motion of brake of electromagnetism of electric machinery of 4.4 examinations crab is normal. 5, hydraulic pressure respect: 3.1 check crab beyond to press whether be between 15~30bar; Systole of oil cylinder of brake of 3.2 examinations crab is normal; Brake of brake of 3.3 examinations crab piece whether to get stuck acerbity. Crab system is the substantial that aircrew looks for accurate wind direction to move, aircrew PLC uses the data that vane place collects ceaselessly, have consideration to wind angle to aircrew, drive crab reducer through crab electric machinery, action makes at crab bearing the whirl of engine room finishs pair of wind to command; Aircrew is opposite in real time wind, can make group of wind electric machinery uses wind energy to be changed into electric energy very well. Through sharing this article, the hope will is opposite henceforth to everybody the protective function of system of crab of aircrew of Jin Feng S48/750kW and respect of breakdown case study understand somewhat and help. Author: Home Zhang is bright, xinjiang wind energy finite liability company

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