This year 1~2 month, shanghai petrifaction synthetic resin realizes the production of name of 10 new products in all, total output exceeds 20 thousand tons, the annual that finish plans to measure 31.3% . Ministry of Shanghai petrifaction synthetic resin shares 3 polypropylene device and 3 polyethylene plant. Among them, the delegate product of device of a polypropylene is epispastic makings, product of delegate of 4 polyethylene plant is stuff of low density line film. 2018, this second implementation is new-style the industrialization of product of epispastic makings series produces environmental protection polypropylene, broke the market monopoly of foreign congener product. In the meantime, device produces whole process to use American electric power to change the advanced controller of the company, ensure product quality, satisfied an user the demand to the product. Current, market of domestic epispastic stuff 2 minutes of the world, the half is Shanghai petrochemical, other in part is foreign product. 2021, suffer stuff of the film that pack to decrease fall thinly this measure is driven, home market weighs velar demand to jump, this immediately restarts velar stuff is produced. Below the case that gets epidemic situation to pound entrance of foreign congener product to drop considerably, stuff of the line of this production film makes market favorite. This year 1~2 month, ML2202 of stuff of this line film, MM2002 considerably increase production, total output goes more than year of gross.

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