Face get together to benzene — of 2 formic acid oneself 2 acid Ding Erchun ester (PBAT) kind colophony device builds momentum a variety of swift and violent, questions that beg contradiction to highlight for be more than, on July 1, branch of colophony of degradation of biology of synthetic resin association gives out “ about advancing PBAT kind the proposal ” that colophony industry health develops in order, clew PBAT kind colophony foreground is not hopeful, want careful investment. Wang Wen of this association executive vice-chairman is wide express when accepting a reporter to interview, at present PBAT kind resinous is produced can have been more than market demand far, and the elapse as time, superfluous produce can portion will be larger and larger. According to statistic of branch of colophony of degradation of biology of synthetic resin association, predict 2025 PBAT kind colophony plans to produce per year can control for 15 million tons. Up to this year in April end, domestic PBAT kind colophony already came true produce per year can 462 thousand tons, predict by 2022, produce per year can will achieve 2.26 million tons. And 2021 domestic PBAT kind real sales volume is colophony only 150 thousand tons, predict to was controlled in 200 thousand tons 2022. King Wenan expresses, to already enterprise of put into production, want sound program to produce can mix crop. In at present PBAT kind colophony is produced can serious below superfluous circumstance, enterprise of each put into production should according to market demand sound program crop, rate of proposal start working is maintained in inferior bear, produce in order to avoid can superfluous create market supply and demand maladjusted, cause malign competition then. To already was finished or be in the enterprise of test-drive, the proposal defers put into production to perhaps change the line of production according to producing string characteristic other breed. To planning the business of investment, proposal discretion enters town, if still do not have devoted capital, can reconsider whether investing, at present PBAT kind resinous foreground is not hopeful, want careful investment. To solve PBAT kind colophony produces can surplus problem, wang Wen is wide pointed out 3 develop way. It is innovation research and development raises PBAT kind product quality. With plastic shopping bag is exemple, what be raw material with colophony of fill modified PBAT at present is plastic the blemish such as inadequacy of intensity of shopping bag existence, influence consumer is used, still have the tendency that is not had to spin hop-pocket to surmount. For this, the industry ought to strengthen product innovation research and development, increase strength of PBAT shopping bag, strict according to the PBAT film that already released level of special feed group is produced, quantity of special feed total stuff is not more than film of PBAT of proposal fill modified 30% , use strength in order to ensure a product. 2 it is joint development PBAT kind colophony new use. At present PBAT basically applies at plastic shopping bag, market demand scale is not large, can't digest existing program to produce can. The enterprise can develop PBAT kind resinous new use, develop new market, the film that be like the ground, connect a bag and rubbish bag to wait. 3 be take aim the look to the international market. Our country PBAT kind colophony quality international is top-ranking, produce can demand of the market inside Yuan Chaoguo, and PBAT of the production on international kind resinous enterprise has Basifu and Italian Novoment only. A lot of more current the policy that came on stage to administer plastic pollution, to PBAT kind resinous demand increases ceaselessly, the industry should take aim the look to the international market.

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