Recently, cataract of Swedish development business (Vattenfall) announce, already obtained British government of 9.3 million pound aid financially, the Abaiding that develops in its maritime wind electric field tries to build stage on the spot to make hydrogen maritime fan. Electric field of A Baiding maritime wind is located in Scotland A Baiding bay, off shore makes an appointment with 3km, installed capacity 93.2MW, install 11 Weisidasi 8MW fan (can promote 2 times among them to 8.8MW, 9 can promote to 8.4MW) , it is a wind electric field that uses conduit to wear attraction canister foundation. This project plans to joined movement 2015 formerly, hind the landscape of the golf field that because of Telangpu of the president before the United States shape announces wind field to affect its to be located in coastal edge and defer, till just joined movement 2018. This second demonstrative project name is “Hydrogen Turbine 1” , abbreviation “HT1” , cataract will choose among them one typhoon machine, in the installation on conduit wearing platform a proton exchanges film (PEM) electroanalysis water makes hydrogenous equipment, be produced hydric carry through marine conduit to A Baiding harbor, the target is to built 2025. According to forecasting, this fan everyday hydric crop can offer 24000km of travel of bus of the sources of energy of a hydrogen. Besides cataract, still a lot of companies also make hydrogen to stage on the spot the renown date of maritime fan eye covetously, among them, competitive is the group that by RWE, Xi Menzi card of group of energy of song beautiful Sa, Xi Menzi, carapace forms, they plan to be in Germany sea of the North sea builds 2 Xi Menzi near Heligoland of base of dimension of windward electricity use fan of 14MW of song beautiful Sa, install report of a maritime wind to make hydrogenous system, the target also is to built 2025.

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15-18 December

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