Overseas market demand is exuberant, domestic suitable anhydride was exported 2021 not only historic second breakthrough closes 100 thousand tons greatly, and begin to affect home market deeply to go situation, and with photograph comparing was being exported 2020 more change produces on the structure. Export volume is broken through 100 thousand close to achieve the history again greatly new tall

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Suitable anhydride exports situation concussion since 2012, but drive in exuberant overseas market demand below, from the home after 2017 the exit that arrange anhydride enters high speed to grow a passageway. According to statistic of data of customs total office, 1-12 month home arranged anhydride to export volume accumulative total to achieve 141933.28 tons 2021, this is occupied indicate the exit that arrange anhydride measures a home not only second breakthrough closes 100 thousand tons greatly, more the history since creating nearly 10 years is new tall. And with 10 years before compared 2012, home arranged anhydride to export a quantity to increase ninety-three thousand five hundred tons 2021, amplitude is achieved 193.18% ; With increased seventy-seven thousand seven hundred tons than speaking a volume 2020, compared to the same period amplitude is achieved 120.92% . Is exit depend on sb or sth for existence spent tall? The swift and violent growth that overseas market impact deepens   to speak a volume makes overseas market arranges the influence degree of anhydride market to deepen to home, from 2012-2021 year, depend on sb or sth for existence of suitable anhydride exit spends home to come by 6.63% promotion 13.81% , accumulative total promotes 7.18 percent. And from 2021 monthly goes in light of situation, individual month is broken through even 20% , become or so price to go situation the main factor that cannot ignore. Below the big trend that overseas market force deepens, it is OK that partial “ inside and outside holds the suitable anhydride that repairs ” concurrently to produce a business sell kind according to situation of demand of domestic and international client is adjusted neatly, this promoted sealed to the market venture not only answer ability, also ensured on the base that strengthened price dominant advantageous position benefit is changed greatly. Of course, domestic suitable anhydride is downstream the enterprise also promotes accordingly to counter-bid difficulty of upper reaches. Does India, Turkey continue to get run? Big   of amplitude of middle east, Europe looks from commerce associate amount, domestic suitable anhydride added up to 2021 exit reachs 66 or area, increase 20 than 2020. Add commerce associate newly to basically be centered at and other places of Europe, middle east, among them European area adds 11 newly, occupy than achieving 55% . From commerce associate portion looks, home arranged anhydride to export the market to still show the trait with centralized height 2021, only share of two countries of India, Turkey is total achieve 53.49% , 64 commerce associate holds the rest odd the portion of 46.51% . And from TOP10 commerce associate amplitude looks, two countries of Turkey, India is same be among the best of candidates, showed bigger market to increase latent capacity. From main export large area looks, with compared 2020, share of export of large area of middle east, Europe promoted 2021 faster, accumulative total promotes respectively 9.63, 6.39 percent, it is thus clear that home arranged anhydride to export increment majority to be centered at this two large area 2021; South Asia, latin america, southeast Asia large area exports portion to give now to fall, accumulative total drops respectively 3.03, 3.41, 8.61 percent. North rises to fall south domestic “ ” impetus is apparent   basically sends and receive ground circumstance to look from domestic exit, 2021 Shandong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu 3 provinces part with 46.29% , 17.28% , the export share platoon of 12.90% is in 1-3, after Henan province tightens therewith with the portion of 12.63% . Nevertheless, with compared 2020, amplitude of share of export of Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangsu is apparent, achieve respectively 7.33, 3.72, 3.29 percent; And what answer relatively to it is, shandong, Henan falls bigger, achieve respectively 9.84, 5.16 percent, this body is revealed waited for the Hua Dong area that is a delegate to arrange anhydride to produce an enterprise to be in those who export the market to send force continuously with peaceful wave Jiang Ning chemical industry 2021.

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