Intelligent information, from August 21 of grand prosperous electron learned on half year report 2023, this company realizes business income first half of the year 1.101 billion yuan, decrease compared to the same period 36.74% ; Profit of net putting in a mother 's charge 38.78 million yuan, glide considerably compared to the same period 92.22% , buckle be not profit of net putting in a mother 's charge to glide 55.90% ; The company manages net specified number of mobile cash flow to be 128 million yuan, decrease compared to the same period 56.75% ; Basic every accrual 0.04 yuan / , decrease compared to the same period 92.73% .

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

To managing a case first half of the year, grand prosperous electron thinks, national economy restores continuously since 2023, overall pick up to good, but the effect that suffers the element such as international situation and macroscopical economy environment, the industry reachs terminal demand expression to anticipate not as good as downstream. Because copperplate of epoxy resin, Fu is downstream market demand is depressed, the yield with new industry can put into production, the influence such as conflict of overlay ground reason, product gross profit compared to the same period the corresponding period decreased last year, implementation vest in appears on the market of company shareholder unless,buckle regular the net profit after increase and decrease decreases compared to the same period.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Basis intelligent the understanding of information, the yield of epoxy resin of grand prosperous electron, sales volume mixes 47 thousand tons for forty-seven thousand two hundred tons respectively first half of the year, sales volume photograph is compared the corresponding period increased respectively last year 7.01% , 7.28% , business income is 702 million yuan. But price of epoxy resin product appeared substantially drop, average sale price was epoxy resin of grand prosperous electron first half of the year 2023 14984.85 yuan / ton, relatively 26027.34 yuan of the corresponding period decreased last year 42.43% . Although oxygen of A of double phenol of epoxy resin upper reaches, annulus is chloric,the price of propane glides respectively 40.12% with 52.89% , but the current situation that glides without profit of change epoxy resin as before. End 2023 first half of the year, the epoxy resin of grand prosperous electron issues tourist door to be close to 3000, entrance product is replaced in “ , nearby serves the fixed position of client ” to fall, grand prosperous electron takes the lead in introducing fill of epoxy resin of electric sub level the blank of home market, reduced the home market dependence to importing a product successfully; In the meantime, compare with foreign competitor photograph, grand prosperous electron can serve a client more convenient and quickly, excellent brand value and company image were built in domestic and international client. Grand prosperous electron is flame retardant model colophony is supplied extensively at Fu copperplate (CCL) the large company of the industry, include Japanese pine to fall, head of unripe beneficial science and technology, Shan supersonic, couplet luxuriant electron. The attestation that the marine coating of grand prosperous electron won international class client with epoxy resin and use, manufacturer of before including a whole world 5 big marine coating (company limited of coating of China of Hempel Group, Japan) ; The car electrophoresis lacquer of the company already obtained lacquer of electrophoresis of form a complete set to produce business Japan to establish nation company with epoxy resin (Nippon Paint Co. , ltd. ) approbate and use. The coating of grand prosperous electron got international with epoxy resin limited company of Nobel of A Kesu of famous manufacturer England (AkzoNobel N.V. ) , American Ai Shi gets painting (Axalta Coating Systems) , approbate and use of Tiger Chemical Company with Australia; Coating of ground level ground entered Switzerland with epoxy resin housing materials limited company blocks on the west (Sika AG) , company of British Fu Sile (Fosroc Ltd) , Taiwan always writes down the Inc. that make paint; Solidify ejaculation light includes international with the client of epoxy resin respect company of much Ma of sand of famous manufacturer France (Sartomer Company) , Taiwan is long start chemical industry Inc. and Hong Kong Heng Chang business (group) limited company. In produce can build an aspect, at present Zhuhai grand prosperous 2 period “ produces per year ” of project of epoxy resin of 140 thousand tons of liquid state to be in construction construction, 3 period “ produces per year sex of function of form of 80 thousand tons of electrons the procedures that ” of epoxy resin project is having construction is built is dealt with in. Face future, grand prosperous electron grand prosperous electron thinks the development trend of epoxy resin will more dimensions is changed. Epoxy resin industry grows always, manufacture incline to concentration, will normative, environmental protection, the product changes incline to seriation, function, diversification develops, want in time contented client to use requirement, can apply domain, new technology line newly to have the development of recipe, material and research and development duratively according to the client. Manufacturer of production of domestic epoxy resin is numerous, but the company number of above of dimensions of 100 thousand tons of class is not much, the industry slants dispersedly much, the industry is spent centrally relatively inferior. The special purpose photograph with the product compares advanced technology of technology of production of company of major epoxy resin and abroad to still have certain difference, the main problem of existence is manufacturing unit dimensions insufficient economy, product is special quality stability of quality of inferior, product is bad. In addition, the convenience of product after service and application also remains to rise on degree. Take the environment seriously of the problem increasingly as the country, carbon amounts to peak carbon to counteract the job to advance, taller and taller to requirement of product environmental protection, green environmental protection makes Cheng and product of green environmental protection is the inevitable tendency that prospective industry grows. Epoxy resin industry will farther standardization, manufacturing cost exorbitant, environmental protection the company with small class of unqualified, product will be washed out. Grand prosperous electron is managed in epoxy resin industry old, normative operation, have deep technology to accumulate, product quality good, stability is strong, the product achieves international advanced level, supply extensively downstream at international well-known company. To the development strategy of grand prosperous electron, in epoxy resin business, ceaseless promotion is produced can, improve beneficial result. It is ceaseless promotion is produced can, improve beneficial result. 2 it is technology of ceaseless promotion core, develop high-end product ceaselessly, offer the client's all-around service program. 3 be swim with fluctuation industrial linkage, build politic alliance toward upper reaches, dimensions is changed purchase with make, master market resource toward downstream and close service, raise the market to have rate and client agglutinant. 4 it is strategy of follow closely country, adopt dimensions is changed and need dissimilation strategy, supplier of epoxy resin of high end of fixed position major, toward “ domain of ” of new energy resources, new material, composite material develops integratedly. Promote a company product, technology, market and market prise, not only do big, do even strong, should become actor more.

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