2021, golden wind science and technology reachs product technology dominant position by right of actual strength of powerful research and development, before the industrial position of look up and diversity profit pattern, consolidating home market while extend wind cable market actively, via battalion outstanding achievement implementation grows steadily. Management outstanding achievement realizes fifty billion five hundred and seventy-one million yuan to grow a company to realized business income 2021 steadily, profit of net putting in a mother 's charge 3.457 billion yuan, basic every accrual 0.79 yuan, profit allocation beforehand case for every 10 the clique discovers Jin Gongli 2.5 yuan (contain tax) . 2021, company country adds installed capacity newly to amount to 11.38GW, add outfit machine 12.04GW newly. Company market is had rate is successive already keep 11 years home, successive 7 years before the row 3, this is in wind report added outfit machine newly to drop compared to the same period 2021, the fact below the circumstances that industry competition turns white-hot with each passing day is belonged to not easy. Specific in light of, 2021, company wind- driven generation set and income of component sale implementation thirty-nine billion nine hundred and thirty-two million yuan; Wind phone service realizes income 4.082 billion yuan, among them hind service revenue 1.967 billion yuan, grow 21.09% compared to the same period; Implementation generates electricity income 5.327 billion yuan, grow 32.56% compared to the same period; Income of business of operation of implementation water Wu 734 million yuan, grow 45.08% compared to the same period. Gain of double round drive promotes 2021, the company accelerates technology of product of intelligent fan series to change, aircrew introduces line of straight drive permanent magnetism and technology of ” of drive of double round of “ of middling speed permanent magnetism, capacity of sale of aircrew of GW6S/8S of straight drive permanent magnetism, GW3S/4S unit increases compared to the same period respectively 305.01% with 210.27% , middling speed permanent magnetism (MSPM) capacity of sale of group of wind electric machinery achieves a breakthrough. Through research and development of 10 years and spot moving practice is accumulated, what the company releases is brand-new set of set of permanent magnetism of generation middling speed, have transmission catenary to design operating conditions of gear case of more reasonable, dynamo good, overall dependability is advanced characteristic, with aircrew of course of technology of straight drive permanent magnetism the stock of 90% is current. Outside the many technology dominant position that except inheritance and application straight drive unit accumulates and experience, product of permanent magnetism of new generation middling speed still shares service system with straight drive unit, jin Feng serves an advantage to still be able to ensure. Golden wind science and technology is brand-new after generation MSPM aircrew is being released namely behead obtains a large number of is in hand order realizes quick delivery, to the end of 2021, company in the hand exterior order adds up to 16, 874.70MW, MSPM order capacity 4, 816.95MW, make product of potential of market of golden wind science and technology. Duodeduo waits in Xinjiang, Gansu Province in commercializing a project, company MSPM aircrew already realized consign to reach and net. Strategy of two seas ” advances “ actively face maritime 2021 “ to grab the ” that install tide, the company completes maritime project smoothly the consign of total order, and net, delivery capacity exceeds in former years maritime pay sum. Company maritime product is own research and development and industrialization go well, the type such as GW171-6.45, GW184-6.45, GW175-8.0 gets type attestation entirely. Capacity of sale of unit of 6S/8S platform product increases compared to the same period 305.01% . Up to now, installation amount of maritime accumulative total of country of golden wind science and technology exceeds 4 million kilowatt. In the meantime, company internationalization strategy is advanced actively, obtain multinomial breakthrough in the key target market such as Australia, Europe not only, at the same time the rising market such as active position Africa, Asia, development achievement is outstanding. The product of 5S platform series that the company faces the market to roll out already carried off successfully in south Africa odd, finish prototype hoisting. 2021, the company realizes international to sell 6.06 billion yuan, grow 31.90% compared to the same period, up to now, company international business already spread all over 6 continent, be in layout center of region of 8 seas outskirt, realize the internationalization of capital, market, technology, talent, management in the round. Investment of electric field of wind of growing company of wisdom the sources of energy and service business health and development professional work go well, generate electricity income grows continuously. Up to 2021 end, rights and interests of accumulative total of golden wind science and technology and net installed capacity 6, 068.20 MW, domestic and international rights and interests is in capacity of the electric field that build wind 2, 594.88MW, the company is domestic and international 2021 self-supporting wind electric field adds rights and interests newly and net installed capacity 1, 408.39 MW. Assets of company wind cable already enclothed 17 province, domestic unit generates electricity on average use hour of number 2, 546 hours, grow 323 hours compared to the same period, generate electricity use hour of number to exceed a trade average level. Current, golden wind science and technology carries on his shoulder or back in net of large base, source store ability of electric field of unifinication, wind changes enlarge area of garden of look, green report and igneous report flexibility are transformed wait for a respect to achieve business breakthrough successfully, make haven of area of 0 carbon garden, 0 carbon in much province, with Beijing east content shedding, medium the well-known company such as high seas carry is begun fall carbon and green report collaboration, deepness makes carbon of 8 large trades counteract a solution. 2021, business of the service after the company is domestic and international is carrying project capacity 23, 144MW, grow 63.91% compared to the same period. Company wind report serves wisdom to carry dimension serves a solution, from improve carry dimension efficiency, reduce yield of carry dimension cost, implementation to be changed greatly wait for dimension to spend drive fall the implementation of this synergism; The company drives service business transition at the same time, by move safeguard transform to asset management, offer dimensions of the asset that put an amount to change for client and industry, high quality develops a solution. Finance and economics of new energy resources of the rich that occupy Peng (BNEF) release " market of cable of wind of second half of the year was looked into 2021 " , predict installation amount of report of accumulative total wind will exceed 1 2023, 000GW. Wood Mackenzie releases " 2021-2030 year wind report is looked into " predict, to the end of 2030, accumulative total and net wind capacitance will achieve 689GW, 67% what hold share. Face prospective market, 2022, the company will realize a product to lead with innovation of science and technology, meet the market of ceaseless development, roll out quality taller, price lower, function more the product of actor and solution, continue to promote company diversity gain capability.

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