On March 23, development is reformed appoint, bureau of the sources of energy combines print and distribute " hydrogen can in industrial development extended program (2021-2035 year) " (next weighing " program " ) , the interval that plans 15 years to press every 5 years paragraph made a target, from make, store, carry, try to reach with wait for a domain to be advanced steadily, preferential use industry deputy produce hydrogen, encourage nearby disappear offer. According to the program, to 2025, master core technology and workmanship basically, preliminary build relatively complete supply catenary and industrial system; To 2030, form relatively complete hydrogen system of industrial technology innovation, can clean the sources of energy makes hydrogen reach supply a system; To 2035, form hydrogen can industrial system, compose is built cover liaison man, store can, of the domain such as industry multivariate hydrogen can apply zoology. On short-term goal, preliminary build with industry deputy produce hydrogen and but second birth the sources of energy makes hydrogenous nearby use the hydrogen that give priority to to be able to supply a system, fuel cell car retains the quantity makes an appointment with 50 thousand, deploy builds station of a batch of hydrogenation. But second birth the sources of energy makes hydrogenous quantity achieve 10-20 10 thousand tons / year, make the main component that adds hydrogen newly to be able to be consumed, implementation carbon dioxide decreases a 100-200 10 thousand tons / year. Come round to look with respect to eye, our country still is in hydrogen can industrial development is earlier, this year also is the 2nd year when plan 15 years, belong to start level, but from long-term look, the main component that hydrogen can be system of prospective the sources of energy won't change this, business having ticket estimates prospective hydrogen can the market is a -727379968 markets. Smooth old negotiable securities (prices 601788) grinds the newspaper thinks, develop hydrogen can the industry is target of ” of double carbon of “ of our country implementation surely the road of classics, to developing hydrogen can support positive attitude, the hydrogen can be relevant support policy since 2021 comes on stage often, industry hopeful welcomes tall boom below policy catalysis, grow but period. We can supply upright market dimensions to undertake calculating to hydrogen, to 2050 our country hydrogen can supply upright market dimensions to achieve one thousand three hundred and two billion seven hundred million yuan, the end that make hydrogen market dimensions is considerable, hydrogen can industrial development welcomes new opportunity. " program " point out, should be in cooking, chloric the industry assemble area such as dehydrogenation of alkaline, propane, preferential use industry deputy produce hydrogen, encourage nearby disappear offer, reduce industry cost of deputy supply yield hydrogen. Fair science and technology develops hydrogen can -727379968 markets are current A great majority appears on the market company the layout that can go up in hydrogen also as it happens is in this phase, than science and technology of golden hair of firm of as above city, according to announcement of company associate with, the company bought peaceful wave golden hair in May 2019 and begin green new energy resources board piece layout of hydrogenous the sources of energy. August 2019, company subsidiary and limited company of group of Zhejiang province energy reach strategic collaboration, advance hydrogen jointly can industrial catenary construction. Fair science and technology has 25 thousand tons at present hydric produce can, basically originate peaceful wave golden hair 600 thousand tons / year propane dehydrogenation (PDH) the by-product of device, will build hydric extract plant, extend industry actively high pure hydrogenous market, already stood erect with blueness at present company of much home of inside and outside of chemical garden area develops collaboration in high pure and hydric project. In addition, except already some yield can outside, “120 of peaceful wave golden hair 10 thousand tons / year polypropylene is thermoplastic elastomer (PTPE) the bag in reaching ” of project of unifinication of modified new material contains 1.2 million tons / year propane dehydrogenation (PDH) device, the one phase of this project also is being advanced smoothly in, this project is overall after building, can add 50 thousand tons newly hydric produce can; In August 2021, the company bought treasure to come new material the equity of 51.09% , finished pair of treasure to come of new material accuse, treasure comes new material “ is in build produce per year 600 thousand tons of ABS and ” of project of unit of its form a complete set to include 600 thousand tons / year propane dehydrogenation (PDH) device, corresponding 25 thousand tons hydric produce can. Such calculating come down, fair science and technology is in already some is hydric produce can fall, future will be aggregate add 75 thousand tons newly hydric produce can reach 100 thousand tons hydric produce can.

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