On June 3, the day arranges wind energy to release announcement to say, be based on focusing new energy resources advocate the strategic program of course of study and the demand that perfect composition of 3 north region further, its are wholy-owned limited company of equipment of suitable wind energy of subsidiary Suzhou day and government of district of ooze of Er of family of the city that connect distant were signed " the equipment that produces per year mast of report of 120 thousand tons of wind about construction makes project agreement " , will connecting area of ooze of Er of distant city family to register establish wholy-owned Sun Gong to manage, produce equipment of wind- driven mast. Department of wholy-owned Sun Gong registers capital to be 100 million yuan, year scale of production is 120 thousand tons, total investment is 600 million yuan about.

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City