GRI) of abbreviation of GRI Renewable Industries(of famous production business reachs old person of famous Hai Hong of coating solution supplier and canister of wind report tower and flange strategic partner agreement, both sides raises efficiency of wind cable technology and equipment surface to defend spread out innovation solution to cooperate. Concern of new strategy partner strengthened bilateral long-term cooperation further, both sides enlarges cooperative limits to the research and development of potential innovation product, in assure high quality while, reduce wind ammeter face to handle cost hard. Sea rainbow old person will support GRI to retain competition ability in whole process as always. Michael Hansen of official of business affairs of banquet of sea rainbow old person expresses: “ is in sea rainbow old person, we like and our client innovates together, we are very glad that will bilateral long-term cooperation relationship enlarges research and development and innovation level, sea rainbow old person will support GRI to come true energetically its business and can develop a target continuously. GRI is produced in tower canister and design respect is seasoned, plus Hai Hong the old person is mixed in coating the professional knowledge of finishing respect, explore for both sides but industry of second birth energy reduces VOC, the innovation solution respect that reduces finishing time established good partner relationship. ”GRI banquet supplies chain officer Pedro Velasco to express: "GRI will continue its are worth lean one of reliant suppliers, optimize flow while, abide by a company to be able to last grandly development target. ”University of Wei Liya of a place of strategic importance also can participate in the collaboration between sea rainbow old person and GRI. The key that this strategy partner concerns is but durative with the service life that prolongs wind tower, the target is finishing cost is reduced 10% , VOC is reduced to 50% . Spread out between the center of research and development that will be located in Saiweiliya in GRI around the new cooperation pace of research and development and the lab that sea rainbow old person is located in wheat of Barcelona He Dan. It is start with this, both sides general undertakes consider and checking to different coating solution, accord with the coating solution of GRI demand in order to explore. University of Wei Liya of a place of strategic importance participated in Andalusia, alentejo and project of AI-garve innovation center (CIU3A) , this project 75% develop fund, Spain by European area - Portuguese 2014-2020 year collaboration plans to be aided financially jointly. This is Saiweiliya the university is in one of innovation centers that the government sector plans to roll out below current job, this center reachs traffic domain by food of aviation, agriculture and the sources of energy composition of 3 innovation center. · held water 2008 about GRI of   of   of GRI Renewable Industries, company headquarters is located in Spanish Madrid, it is the well-known company of canister of tower of report of wind of a production and flange. GRI has experience of more than 13 years in wind energy industry, in Spain, Brazil, India, , He Agen the court of a feudal ruler has the United States, Turkey, south Africa 8 times 16 manufacturers. · regards the lead paint that is worth reliance as the supplier about   of sea rainbow old person, sea rainbow old person is one has what firm price value watchs to turn a company, center of many factories, research and development and point of goods in stock are set inside limits, offer the coating solution that is worth reliance to decorate lacquer, shipping lacquer, infrastructure and energy market. Scan widely, the coating of sea rainbow old person is protected and each buildings with the area, infrastructure mixes beautification other asset, aid force to reduce maintain cost, promotion is beautiful spend and improve energy efficiency, main effect is being produced in the business of our client. In sea rainbow old person, our tenet is the coating solution that develops with can lasting shapes better future. We are certain, only will can develop continuously put in core position, our company ability gains a success. This one right way will strengthen our competitive position, make our oneself provides flexibility more, reduce our risk. Group of sea rainbow old person held water in Danish Copenhagen 1915. Foundation of sea rainbow old person is in charge of superintending group of sea rainbow old person day-to-day operation, support each district culture, humanitarian and scientific cause at the same time.

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