Blade is one of core parts that fan takes wind energy, the integral function that it matters to fan directly and generate electricity benefit, a layer is in in whole value catenary. If will OK managing production cost, shorten the 3D that produces time is printed introduce blade to produce, is the effect met how? Actually, the 3D technology that print already was used in the production process of fan tower canister before this. Be based on reach in aviation engine light aircraft component 3D prints the rich experience that go up, GE began attempt application with the partner last year 3D is printed and high-powered concrete makes fan tower tube. The basis is calculated, raise the height to 160 meters through be a height 80 meters 5MW fan, business of operation of wind electric field can increase the electricenergy production of at least 30% . After letting fan become taller, lighter it is next pursuit. Close, GE and American energy department build cooperation, study use 3D prints production fan lamina. What the 25 months, project that costs 6.7 million dollar will study this by a definite date how to pass low cost mainly is thermoplastic the apex part that material and 3D print a technology to make blade of a fan. After finishing, GE group and lab of mountain of oak of its partner —— and United States but lab of second birth the sources of energy will be right the structural character of the product has a test, get on 3 apex installation to fan. Apex is the part with blade craft large difficulty, grow about 10 ~ 15 meters, its rotate speed is 85 meters about / second, be close to sonic 1/4, can catch fan to rotate 40% what what require energy. The ceaseless pursuit that innovates to the technology makes the way that GE is seeking improved lamina production to make all the time, include to print 3D technology and heat to shape, automation and thermoplastic the advanced technology union such as material rises. Current, fan lamina is mostly by what join epoxy resin or polyester resinous composite material to be made in fibre glass and carbon fiber, and use light-duty thermoplastic the lamina that composite material and 3D print has multinomial advantage, include: Light-duty lamina can drive fan rotor to produce more power, the light-duty lamina of electricenergy production   that raises fan can reduce the load of pair of tower canisters and axle, reduce system of gear case, transmission, bearing and base wear away, reduce   of complete lifecycle cost thereby thermoplastic material is more convenient after undertaking demolishing fuse and reclaim   develops quickly in wind cable industry while, a lot of retire blade is thrown into rubbish to fill eventually bury, this also brought the environmental issue that nots allow to ignore. GE but second birth the sources of energy signed lamina of a fan to reclaim with Veolia of environmental service company before this agreement. Veolia is reclaiming mincing processing undertakes after old fan lamina, have among them fibre glass and the part such as Ba Ersha wood mixture next, carry is gone to cement production factory, the substitute a future life that serves as coal, sand and clay produces silicate concrete. This kind of method can let industrial trash “ change raw material of body ” cement, still conduce to the carbon dioxide discharge capacity that reduces cement trade (click textual understanding more: How to after fan lamina discards as useless, do? Do not worry, can reclaim make cement! ) . Of the use of new material and efficiency it is OK to rise implementation cost is managing, and it is OK that dimensions turns production further help falls this. GE and plan of wind energy of its subsidiary Ai Ermu turn this technology dimensions production, push thereby to the market. After apex part is finished, GE group still can be printed the technology to apply at the other part of fan lamina next. 20 old before, GE begins to introduce blade of fan of light-duty composite material in aviation engine. Today, pass the partner's joint efforts, we are using more advanced material technology in fan lamina, in order to drop wind report cost per kilowatt hour of the electricity generated by WECS, improve performance, the green low carbon that promotes a trade continuously develops.

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