Composite material industry is industry of a rising sun, light qualitative excel in, involve an area wide, the sky flies, swim in water, run on the ground, can see the figure of composite material almost, but at the same time, it also exists short board, if flotsam handles environment of problem of problem, odour, dust, production,wait badly. In recent years, to environmental protection it may be said it is to take seriously more and more, new castigatory " solid abandons a standard " enough reflects this. If why is flotsam handled? How is work environment improved? How does product quality rise? As environmental protection policy strict with each passing day, labour cost upsurges gradually, a lot of enterprises face dilemma. If these problems did not get appropriate is solved, will naturally affect the development of company future. Scan widely did not come, only environmental protection of give attention to two or morethings is mixed high quality, efficient, but durative development, just be the efficient way that promotes core of composite material industry competition ability. Limited company of Guangdong Bo Hao composite material is business of service of solution of whole of industry of a composite material, having industry of nearly 20 years of composite material to serve experience, devote oneself to to offer perfect advisory type to purchase a service for the client all the time, solution of advanced composite material product, top composite material craft and technology serve, design of high quality composite material mould and make. To everybody heavy pound recommends: Vacuum of new-style VPI silica gel shapes craft. First, we use the means with parallel case, will explain vacuum of new-style VPI silica gel shapes the advantage place of craft. General the engine room of the wind report lamina that we know overspreads a practice, it is to use technology of vacuum bag film, and nowadays, more and more people can choose vacuum of new-style VPI silica gel to shape craft, why? Let us understand together, its advantage:

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
① improves working environment, reduce litter, reduce pollution, ensure personnel health. Vacuum of new-style VPI silica gel shapes craft, film of empty bag of opposite Yu Zhen for this kind of technology, cancelled diversion net, complementary ability, reduced bad news ability from germ, also reduced the processing problem after its are used, so pollution decreases, the staff member's health got ensuring; ② improves manufacturing efficiency. Vacuum of new-style VPI silica gel shapes craft, can fall in relatively little manpower, complete the project that needs much person join forces to finish originally, improve efficiency; ③ improves product quality. Vacuum of new-style VPI silica gel shapes the data that craft place uses, technology is relatively mature, the product that makes is simple those who measure relatively other also technology is tall; ④ reduces integrated cost. Integrated above each, reduced material, labour cost from germ, improved efficiency again, it may be said is advisability anthology. Such, etc. . . . . . Still have more applied case of course, small make up differ one is lifted! Vacuum of new-style VPI silica gel shapes craft, can reduce odour effectively, reduce waste, operate not only handy, learn to be met, still can optimize manufacturing environment, from go up at all solve a problem! Group of technology of major of Guangdong rich bright can provide service of whole journey instructor! If you shape to vacuum of new-style VPI silica gel,craft is interested, can contact bilk manager 18026298689

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