Recently, plastic plant of Daqing petrifaction company produces film of canopy of high-grade wide cut successfully new product of special colophony 2820D. Be aimed at the market the demand of product of special to film of canopy of high-grade wide cut colophony, plastic plant increases Daqing petrifaction new product develops strength, strengthen a technology to tackle key problem, on the foundation of 2420D of research and development, through adjusting craft parameter, successful development gives new product of 2820D of film of wide cut canopy. To ensure delicacy of assay analysis data is accurate, production gives high quality product, plastic plant is opposite Daqing petrifaction the mature product on mark market, real time optimizes each data index. Technical personnel dogs to mark, adjust craft parameter in time, ensure the quality stability of new product, make adequate preparation to open the market further. Current, daqing petrifaction is plastic the high-pressured polyethylene of mill research and development is high-grade film of wide cut canopy is special colophony 2820D new product, had finished downstream product to machine applied experiment, the performance of canopy film products that its blow model production to go out is good, excel of two main index is opposite diaphaneity and velar bubble stability mark product, get user recognition.

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15-18 December

New York City