Nowadays the application of in actual life, it may be said is very common, however, Not saturated colophonyWhen make regular meeting appears a lot of bad situations, especially the influence because of high temperature, and bring about heat up the phenomenon of ageing and produce the circumstance that becomes yellow to happen gradually, normally for in chemical combination process, the temperature with this main resinous is controlled in 180 degrees commonly, or 220 degrees are controlled, of course, when have, encounter the situation that this kind of temperature becomes tall, the likelihood still can become a few taller, and it is under this temperature, color of not saturated colophony happens with respect to the case that can have fast ageing, then was brought about yellow change phenomenon, bring a lot of influences to the outside figure of colophony product so, brought about generation of problem of not saturated colophony thereby. Among them, if colophony this kind of material, if be bring into contact with after ultraviolet ray, can bring about so have yellow the case that change appears, because the existence of benzene annulus is contained inside his interior,this basically is, and because composition of compound of scent a group of things with common features is being made,main factor is when, because of temperature taller phenomenon, then brought about the slow down with hot oxygen ceaseless phenomenon, will cause colophony very likely to appear right now yellow the phenomenon that change happens. Meanwhile, not saturated colophony is made in production when, because unit is in-house sealing is not quite close, accordingly, and bring about raw material from time to time the circumstance of oxygen of bring into contact with happens, and inside member of current not saturated polyester with respect to such as this kind of material such as fat radical, what still can contain Shuang Jian to wait for this kind likewise is dusty with, accordingly, after if appeared,hot oxygen is reduced, can bring about numerical value to appear accordingly so the circumstance that becomes yellow happens. More information pays close attention to of answer ability network please

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