A few days ago, suo Erwei (Solvay) announce development went CYCOM EP2190 of system of a kind of new-style epoxy resin, show exceedingly good tenacity in thickness structural member, have the property inside remarkable range at the same time in environment of damp and hot, dry and cold. As aviation advocate structural member uses new-style flagship product, this material can with the traffic in including urban air (UAM) , private / commercial aviation (supersonic speed, subsonic speed) , the wing of the aviation domain great majority such as battleplan, helicopter and airframe solution photograph are rivalled. Stephen Heinz of director of center of composite material research and development expresses, aviation industry grows increasingly to the demand of high-powered composite material, client need is a kind inside the face the base material with allowance of function, loss and balanced expression of technical properties respect. CYCOM EP2190 product can satisfy function and the new material that craft sex asks one kind at the same time so namely, more traditional advocate performance of system of structural member data is more superior. Use new-style colophony to produce beforehand the outstanding characteristic of dip makings system is to be in have transcend Chang Ren gender while, hold a performance of superior mould pressing of damp and hot concurrently, acquire balanced goods property thereby. Additional, the technical properties with powerful CYCOM EP2190, can paper craft through the hand or all sorts of parts with production complex form of automation production technology. This beforehand dip makings can help a client use system of a kind of data to satisfy a variety of application requirement. The experiment test and verify that function of CYCOM EP2190 product already passed much home United States and European UAM, business to use jet and helicopter firm. Product standards includes one-way carbon fiber beforehand dip belt and fabric beforehand dip makings. Current, solvay can offer the primary database of CYCOM EP2190 product for the client, and by center of performance of American advanced material (NCAMP) offerred more complete open database also will come out 2022.

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