Recently, we are in know from relevant channel, solid is distinctive released two new products: But tire of concept of durative environmental protection and avoid pneumatic tire. Tire of environmental protection concept is contained 70% but durative material, use 13 kinds of special component, include 9 different tire parts, if special carbon black, soybean oil, polyester, rice husk is grey those who make is distinctive 2 oxidation silicon, contented future but durative demand. Avoid pneumatic tire NPT to be custom-built tire, will use at Starship nobody drive car. Latter will drive automatically by many 1000 car forms operation motorcade, its will assume content to shed the job, the tire that reduced Starship company to deserve to send motorcade greatly safeguards frequency second. Before this, solid is distinctive senior vice president holds operation concurrently Chris Helsel of banquet technology officer expresses: We are in “ when 2020 ever set passes one project mark, be in namely future is made inside 10 years give complete by but the tire that durative material makes. The brainpower with distinctive solid and engineers are in from beginning to end forward this target is indefatigable hard, and had obtained significant progress ” .

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