Arouse make fall, 3 quarters seize high yield, the four seasons to spend the war drum beat a drum of big decisive battle to ring, new round achieve contend for actor and upsurge of labor contest activity to lift first, broad cadre worker stares at Oriental wind report target, calm confidence, be determined, act vigorously thrust manages each task end into production, project spot passes news of victory repeatedly. Set of station of project of great river of   salt source will finish hoisting smoothly on September 8.   Chongqing will act according to set of station of section watershed project to finish hoisting smoothly on September 7.   male will install station of project of wisdom of be in harmony to finish hoisting smoothly on September 5. The electric machinery of wind of 7MW of Oriental wind report that seat number of name of F3 of project of   in relief river will install on September 7 comprises work to load to rated power, send completely continuously move, each technology index all is achieved or excel designs index. Project of saline source great river installs group of electric machinery of 36 D3350-155 wind, Chongqing to act according to section watershed project to install team of electric machinery of 32 D3200-155 wind, male An Rongzhi project installs team of electric machinery of 11 D4500-155 wind, during the project is built, all be faced with spot rainwater much, road is muddy wait for difficulty, carry to the product, aircrew hoisting brings enormous challenge, spot work group is engineered meticulously, construction of agile, scientific arrangement works, concerted effort cooperation, protect protect quantity, safety to advance a project to build each job in order character. Project of in relief river debugs a group, overcome environment of maritime and hard work, reasonable division of labor, strict dominate index of aircrew key technology, efficient advance aircrew to debug the job.

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City