Sigmatex (Runcorn, chesre, u.K. ) it is business of production of textile of a carbon fiber, announce to design CCM Hockey of manufacturer and business, sale business with ice hockey equipment (Canadian Quebec) build a partner to concern afresh. Sigmatex and CCM come for years is sole partner all the time. This partner concern is dedicated at function and innovation, the help strengthened CCM to be in the leadership position of hockey good category, continue to be Sigmatex fixed position the main supplier of elite motion function. “Sigmatex announces the long-term and sole partner that enlarges we and CCM Hockey concerns gladly. Pass collaboration, we developed the innovation form of tissue of new carbon fiber of SigmaST Spread Tow, this will make CCM can turn advanced hockey club to the market, · dimension pulls Kelaodiao of director of development of ”Sigmatex group business Luowosi says. “ designs ” drive through our “ function, innovation and cooperation already blended in our DNA. These new material solutions reflected the client clasp with us, the achievement of the advanced material product that for slashing application design, development precedes with production industry. ”

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15-18 December

New York City