East material science and technology realized income 2020 1.88 billion yuan, grow 8.4% compared to the same period; Implementation puts in parent net profit 's charge 175 million yuan, grow 141% compared to the same period, outstanding achievement is accorded with anticipate. 747 million increase company income compared to the same period first quarter 90% , profit of net putting in a mother 's charge 85 million add compared to the same period 251% , predict 1.7-1.85 of net first half of the year gain 100 million, outstanding achievement exceeds greatly anticipate. Core product sales volume soars gain improves   demand to anabiosis continuously, product sales volume grew the company quickly 2020, insulating material / optics radical film / flame retardant material / electronic material sales volume grows 5.7%/61%/97.4%/61% compared to the same period respectively. Insulating material and optical thin coating are the core driving force that the company grew 2020. Sales volume grows considerably first quarter. According to company data, q1 insulating material / optics radical film / flame retardant material / electronic material sales volume grows 28%/341%/43%/279% compared to the same period respectively, raw material price drops compared to the same period, product value changes to be 1.06%/-13.26%/-1.46%/-16.07% respectively compared to the same period, insulating material and flame retardant material price difference expands apparent, optics radical film and electronic colophony sales volume grow considerably, profit of net profit of Q1 weak quarter achieves company history new tall. Forecast according to the company, q2 profit annulus grows than will still maintaining. Produce newly can in succession future of put into production grows but insulating material basically uses period   at downstream special industry of high-pressured He Guangfu, carbon counteracts the demand below setting to will maintain rapid growth; Demand of optical thin coating anabiosises, the entrance replaces a space big; 5G business grows quickly with construction, drive PCB to grow quickly with electronic colophony demand; Environmental protection safety asks to promote, advantage of copolymerization polyester fabric is clear, prospective market prospect but period. End by 2020, the company is in build a project to plan to invest 1.87 billion yuan, among them plan of project of film of 20 thousand tons of optics radical 84% , PVB film schedule 95% , schedule of film of the 100 million function that make the same score rice 18% , 5200 tons of 5G use plan of special type colophony 18% , plan of epoxy resin of 60 thousand tons of special type 15% . As new project in succession put into production, company in the near future or will maintain rapid growth continuously.

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