Zhou Yi, market of double phenolic A falls again, it is good that whole industry catenary all does not have benefit, terminal props up difficulty, demand not beautiful, companion drops greatly as oil price, industrial catenary is down benefit sky to release, area of share of market of double phenolic A drops defeat 13000 yuan / ton. Offer today drop to 12800-13000 yuan / ton, whole clinchs a deal very few, it is good that the market lacks significant benefit prop up, predict short line market still has space of be issued to lower levels. Value of market of annulus oxygen chloric propane drops. Price of propylene of near future raw material, glycerine all be issued to lower levels, cost face is propped up abate, downstream demand weak situation, plant of together with portion restarts the message is affected, the market is small confuse a mood to spread, the business that manage money allows benefit shipment, market of annulus oxygen chloric propane exchanges views centre of gravity to glide, closing quotation is low already reach 16000 yuan / ton. Epoxy resin market follows raw material more apparent, treat hollow condition downstream as before intense, purchase enthusiasm extreme difference, bring about colophony factory shipment bear pressure, low, exceed low to be shown ceaselessly, valence does not have city prices relatively serious, market of later period epoxy resin still has continue to drop anticipate. This morning, the civilian look forward to of market of oxygen of some new advance annulus sells chief inspector to encircle post of heroic spirit hair to say in the friend: Inside this week, we return what greet long-unseen 1 times ahead of schedule …… (do not want a week, be in now, have a talk already solid sheet drops broken 20. ) from at present close 1 word head still is at the beginning of April 2020, epidemic situation of new in those days coronal the first time erupt, the market is immersed in trough for a time, low 14 yuan or so; After many ups and downs, the market climbs on 40 yuan eventually + historical summit summit. One year is lain between when, LER price misfortune drops cutting sb in two at the waist again the bottom that answer cereal, can't help making a person sob unceasingly. Involute arrived to be like here pace, be what reason is caused? Communicated with some senior market personage today, he thinks: Because of epidemic situation, turn on the water so. Because turn on the water, so inflation. Do not have illness it seems that, but this will be amiss. Say verdict first: Not be inflation currently, connect however shrink. Pull move traditional economy 3 drive carriage —— exit, investment and consumption. Wear carriage: Export difficult current situation one: You you, I I, he he he knows, the United States is in and make trade war, get economic friction greatly. The current situation 2: Russian black war, the sources of energy goes up greatly, natural gas goes up greatly 40% . Euramerican industry depends on natural gas basically, cannot leave without gas machine. Demand is bad, all alone function stops, entrance also with respect to backwater. During epidemic situation enterprise of a lot of foreign trade, arrive hard from go back to work answer produce arrive hard outcome is bad, cross of all previous classics, do not have order. The 2nd drive carriage: Investment, get effective slow. Exit gets handicap, need outside depressed, pull inside need. But major fund basically is inside financial system idling, did not enter hypostatic economy. The 3rd drive carriage: Consumption, we not dare ah. “ room borrows ” , the “ that increases expenditure of tigidity of this family of ” of “ education, provide for the aged, medical treatment ” of 3 big hill, epidemic situation is sealed during accusing, income decreases plus to future prospect worries unidentifiedly (can unemployed, can fall firewood) , you dare retaliate sexual consumption, you dare smilingly consumption? I believe you a big head ghost! In short, anxious now is not inflation, connect however instead shrink. Do not have harm without buying and selling, to protecting wild animal it is right. Do not have harm without buying and selling, are you put economically try? The foundation of economics is accrual of generation of buying and selling, it is benefit of coin flow generation. Express weak now annulus oxygen market, produce can superfluous, inventory tall look forward to, the price is low, demand is insufficient, sales promotion is adverse, involute miserable intense, is this to connect what is shrinking? But, do not represent second half of the year won't inflation, if the 3rd quarter turns on the water energetically, more energetically turn on the water, below this kind of circumstance, inflation needs inevitable. Just, must inflation, also taking first for certain shrink. Understood this is nodded, we had accurate knowledge to current situation, also can calm the ground is answered. Cordial hope economy to good, moderate inflation, economic stability grows. The government invests energetically, the enterprise is bold investment, get effective quickly; Dweller income stabilizes growth, happy be at ease consumption. Such, ability of catenary of epoxy resin industry restores vitality, fill lost loss come back. After all, hope is mainer than gold.

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