The Xu Huacheng of diversity transnational corporation that headquarters is located in Japanese Tokyo (Asahi Kasei Corp. ) announced recently, begin the plan to use raw material propylene to produce propylene nitrile from Feburary 2022.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Propylene nitrile is the raw material of all sorts of chemical industry products such as amine of acyl of production ABS colophony, propylene, acrylic fibbers, the van system that still is used at producing carbon fiber polyacrylonitrile (PAN) . Xu Huacheng expresses, the carbon fiber that the near future uses at fan lamina and use at medical the demand of the fourth nitrile balata of the glove increases particularly driving. October 2021, the Korea of Xu Huacheng group is wholy-owned subsidiary ToNgsuh Petrochemical Corp. Ltd. (abbreviation TSPC company) become Asian home to obtain ISCCPLUS (international can develop continuously and carbolic attestation) propylene nitrile manufacturer. ISCCPLUS can promote the attestation that environment, society and economy can produce continuously through offerring, will support circular economy and biology economy. ISCCPLUS attestation system makes TSPC company can configure raw material raw material through mass balance law, have the production of propylene nitrile and sale. Xu Huacheng and TSPC company improve activator and technology on the foundation of original technology, reduced propylene nitrile to produce the CO2 discharge capacity in the process through purchasing raw material raw material, satisfied a client to be opposite increasingly at the same time the demand of product of nitrile of low carbon propylene. Xu Huacheng expresses to will continue hard, reduce whole propylene nitrile to supply the CO2 discharge capacity of catenary further, make contribution to realized carbon to counteract 2050.

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