On January 12, 2022, shipping of power sea city and alliance of industry of sea tool equipment uncover card ceremony and butt joint of collaboration of school look forward to to be able to be in Shandong traffic institute to hold, deputy mayor Sun Fuchun attends a ceremony and make a speech.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Shipping of power sea city and industry of sea tool equipment are allied, it is to be below city industry and informatization bureau guidance, by the design that comes from domain of whole town shipping and sea tool equipment research and development, production is made, the composition of 55 members unit such as company of service of form a complete set and place of courtyard of concerned scientific research, guild. Allied director unit is Shandong traffic institute, vice-president unit is shipping of hill of gold of the bureau that enrol business (great of Xin of limited company of limited company, Yellow Sea shipbuilding, Shandong weighs power sea labour limited company, Weihaixi harbor houseboat limited company, Harbin Institute of Technology (power sea) , academy of Shandong shipping technology. Sun Fuchun says in the speech, power sea is base of exit of the shipping that approve step, also be base of production of base of home's principal houseboat exit production and a light boat of boat of glass reinforced plastics. Drive establish industrial alliance, it is the our city fulfils industrial catenary to supply “ of catenary innovation catenary the inevitable demand that confluence of 3 catenary ” expands, also be executive manufacturing industry of strong city strategy specific reflect. He emphasizes, want to condense development consensus, collective construction canal is used, good with, specialization practically technical innovation communicates platform, drive shipping and industry of sea tool equipment to do ceaselessly do greatly strong. Want to optimize battalion business environment continuously, in promotion the enterprise obtains the make an issue of on policy advantage sex, push movables to learn to grind to be changed to receiving, support hammer and tongs, give aid to shipping and development of estate of sea tool equipment expand. Want to guard bottom line of firm safe production, emphasize education expert of safe production of a batch of industries, begin safe production actively to standardize the job, promote industry safe production level of management hard, for high quality of whole city economy development escorts the Emperor convoy. Academy of Shandong shipping technology regards alliance as one of 6 vice-presidents units, will pay attention to prompting technical research and development and industrial demand two-way essence accurate butt joint, begin technical achievement to change wait for a respect to produce positive effect, innovate to promote industrial catenary to supply chain catenary is effective and shirt-sleeve, promote our city shipping and development of high quality of industry of sea tool equipment, contribute force of hill boat courtyard and wisdom.

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