On Feburary 21, the activity holds the ” of grand ceremony of powerful nation of brand of the 2nd “ that by broadcasting television total stage holds ceremoniously, shipping, medium high seas carry is obtained those who pick state of 10 big “ is heavy implement ” brand. Fan Pei of secretary of shipping group leading Party group, president thunder attends an activity, receive award on behalf of shipping group. High seas carries spot of Fu Gangfeng of group director, general manager attends an activity to get cup in. 2021, 3 thumb mark grows shipbuilding in the round shipbuilding receives order finishing quantity, newly, hold order to maintain, second those who rank group of each shipbuilding industry. Shipping group gallops through aircraft carrier, carry a person to go greatly realized “ to dedicate oneself to the service of his motherland to vessel of ship of chart strong ” , “ the long-cherished wish of ” , with science and technology innovation explains actual strength to condense wisdom, make beautiful beautiful calling card. Of country of “ of grand ceremony of brand powerful nation heavy implement prize-giving word of carry of the high seas in ” brand —— : “ is ticked off with container change repeatedly, with 10 thousand tons annulus anchor supplies chain surely, arteries and veins moves for sea of international trade dredge between 10 thousand lis of blue waves, in a situation full of danger, decide Nereus needle for economic casting. ”At the moment, stand fast on the ship that far marine group has 18 thousand sailor to sailing in each district in 1265 in struggle, lading 86.2 million tons of of all kinds goods move back and forth on ocean, join rises, build case with supply catenary system. On grand ceremony activity, secretary of president of group of transport of the high seas in was being broadcasted, leading Party group 10 thousand quick interview video. 10 thousand quick express, “ people in the same condition help each other is us the common belief of marine person. Should restore with all one's strength and ensure industrial catenary to supply chain expedite, health of stimulative international shipping develops. ”Make the mind of the brand to promote typical company better, build whole society to promote a brand the atmosphere of competition ability, broadcasting television total stage continued to roll out ” of grand ceremony of powerful nation of brand of the 2nd “ on Feburary 21, 2022, be brave in to change with v&v compliment, the spirit that dares to innovate, incentive those are ad cool-headed answer hundred years change bureau and century epidemic situation, compose builds the person that new development pattern strides the practice of new step. The ” of grand ceremony of powerful nation of brand of the 2nd “ that grand ceremony releases of country of 10 big “ heavy implement ” brand enterprise, it is the bibcock enterprise of the industry, it is establish a country this, of powerful nation base enterprise, comprised economic batholith jointly. The need that they used real operation illuminate is the responsibility of the brand, also be the belief with tall brand.

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