Dispatch of every classics AI, investor interacts in investor platform quizs: See the company will welcome the survey announcement of orgnaization investor August 21, say workshop of glue of 65 tons of photoetching already was thrown use, the product already passed client attestation, be photoetching glue colophony or monomer excuse me or finished product? Why doesn't the company make finished product directly? Manufacturer of downstream to receiving semiconductor? Thank!

Share of 10 thousand profit (002643.SZ) in investor interactive platform will express on August 22, through more than 10 carry hard, company semiconductor consumed engraves glue monomer and line of the products of photoetching glue colophony and manufacturing technology to cover major main product, also developed partial light to send product of agent yield acid to manufacture a technology at the same time. The relevant product that the company makes material field in semiconductor at present basically includes colophony of glue of photoetching glue monomer, photoetching, light to send agent yield acid and semiconductor to make Cheng Zhongqing lotion add material to wait, already relevant product implementation is supplied.

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