On Feburary 14, bureau of Shanghai zoology environment is fair on its official net showed Ying Wei to amount to nylon chemical industry () limited company Ying Wei amounts to polymer 3 period the environment of extend project affects transaction, fair show time to be on Feburary 14, 2022 - on Feburary 25, 2022. Annulus of basis of   of fundamental condition introduction judges the project the information on the file shows, yingweida plans to there is the construction inside the factory in polymer 5 product line, implementation adds nylon newly 66 polymer two hundred and forty-two thousand five hundred tons / year productivity (do not contain off standard 7500 tons / year) . The polymer product line that has for distinction (polymer 1) , this extend project also calls polymer 2 projects. According to introducing, this project always invests about 1.75 billion money, predict to began to build 2022, put into production was used 2024. It is product program and dimensions below:

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Existing produce can Ying Wei of general situation   is amounted to since 2012, already built first phase in area of Shanghai chemical industry in succession oneself 2 amine factory, 2 period polymer factory reachs 3 period oneself 2 nitrile factory. Among them 2 nitrile factory still is building 3 period oneself at present in, will at go into operation building by June 2022, 2 nitrile produce the oneself of the Yingweida after put into production can will be as high as 470 thousand tons / year. It is reported, after this project extend is finished, ying Wei amounts to polymer factory to oneself year of demand of 2 amine it is 233 thousand tons / year, and its the yield with 2 amine current plant can be existing oneself 215 thousand tons / year. Oneself 2 amine factory also is about to undertake bottleneck extend accordingly, make produce can expand to 316 thousand tons / year. The file shows, oneself the extend of 2 amine factory plans to began 2022, in polymer 2 projects cast antenatal to end, with the oneself that institute of this contented polymer plant needs 2 amine are measured. 2013 only then, yingweida established Ying Wei to amount to nylon chemical industry in area of Shanghai chemical industry () limited company, build nylon 66 production base, built first phase to produce per year 215 thousand tons of oneself in succession 2 amine (HMD) factory and 2 period produce per year 200 thousand tons of nylon 66 polymer factory, began to build 2020 3 period 470 thousand tons / year oneself 2 nitrile (ADN) factory, form nylon 66 arrive from upper reaches downstream whole industry catenary.

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