Shanghai answer armor this international trade limited company (Fu Kai of abbreviation “ Shanghai this ” ) serve the medium and small businesses at composite material industry, assistance develops an international market, especially European market, promote an enterprise image, enlarge an enterprise famous degree, education crosses a state compound model talent. Be in especially at present situation of epidemic situation of ” of “ new coronal falls and after “ times of new coronal ” , warm oneself through the group is being embraced between the enterprise, hold domestic and international composite material to develop a tendency, strengthen communication of the international between the enterprise and cooperation, promote the international of the enterprise competition ability in the round. Go one year this, shanghai answer armor this advance steadily on international trade, scope of business expands ceaselessly, realize what act as agent to international from international trade to span, for future development adds vigor. Be worth the issue that raises particularly, year end came last year this year the beginning of the year, shanghai answer armor this with German AMAC company and Jiangsu developing zone of Changzhou bank river is in charge of appoint meeting and carbon fiber of Changzhou market a gathering of things or people and limited company of academy of technology of composite material application signed book of intent of all directions collaboration, 2022 Shanghai answer armor this agency will be created in Changzhou, the name is the heart in “ composite material is light quantify wisdom build innovation center ” (” of center of abbreviation “ innovation) , the job after the Spring Festival passes will be started formally.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
AMAC Inc. is advisory company of an industry in domain of light qualitative housing materials and business, headquarters is located in Germany inferior treasure. The commercial pattern of AMAC is based on 3 pillar: Be built between university and industrial company and expand network and group, outstanding sale and business development, and the management in innovation and the industrial project that commercialize a domain. Michael Er doctor of · moxa cent is AMAC company author and CEO, also be the chairman of board of directors of association of trade of German composite material and AVK.
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Answer armor of Shanghai of   of Dr. Michael Effing Si Yude country   of   of relation of collaboration of AMAC company strategy 1, sign   of   of agreement of strategic collaboration framework 2, there is long-term business in composite material industry   of cooperative relation   3, Shanghai Fu Kai this it is AMAC company be in, dr. Finkenhag 1b of   of Michael Effing   , 52074 Aachen,   of [email protected] of   of   of M +49 (0) 173 541 4433 of   of   of T +49 (0) 241 912 9022 of Germany     uses phone of   of gentleman Terry Shi: + mobile phone of 86-21-6888 1617   : + mail of   of 86-139 1778 8544: [email protected]   address: Road of southeast of riverside of Shanghai Pudong new developed area 855 square 24 buildings F-G

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