Recently, material of “ Xu Kexin (Shandong) finite liability company 30 thousand tons / year PBAT/PBS, 10 thousand tons / year Ding Er is acerbity / transaction of influence of environment of ” of project of Ding Er acid anhydride has news the 2nd times fair show. Xu Kexin material (Shandong) finite liability company, it is Pan Asia Energy Limited of harbor look forward to is mixed get together science and technology of new material of carbolic oxygen couplet (without stannum) the joint-stock company of limited company, pan Asia accuses.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Advocate battalion but degradation is plastic reach product of relevant and careful chemical industry; The scientific research of high-powered new material, production, sale mixes focusing service. Main product has acid of PBAT, PBS, Ding Er and Ding Er acid anhydride. Basically packing appliance of material, meal, wholesome things and ground film to wait for one-time things, in medical the hi-tech domain such as chemistry of material, photoelectron, careful chemical industry gets applied extensively at. Develop quickly in view of economy and vicissitude of the market, on the foundation of sufficient survey, to satisfy the need that the market admits, increase enterprise benefit, promote the core of the company competition ability, xu Kexin material (Shandong) finite liability company decides to seize this one favorable opportunity, 30 thousand tons go up newly in area of garden of sunshine sea right chemical industry / year PBAT/PBS, 10 thousand tons / year Ding Er is acerbity / project of Ding Er acid anhydride.

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City