On March 13 morning, whole town priority discipline construction arouses the conference and Shandong ceremony of start working of 3 projects austral peninsula of demonstrative project of maritime wind cable is held. Electric power invests Xing Fu of secretary of Party committee of branch of Shandong of group limited company, general manager, liu Hongtao of secretary of municipal Party committee attends a ceremony and make a speech, king of vice secretary of municipal Party committee, mayor as man of virtual and ability rich chairs a ceremony, city leads Ji Gang, Zhang Jinfu, Gao Yuanhua, Xiu Fucheng to attend a ceremony. It is reported, project of cable of 3 maritime wind austral the peninsula always invests 5.4 billion yuan, program installed capacity 300 million are made of baked clay, install fan of maritime intelligence of EN-161/5.2MW of the sources of energy of 58 distant view, after project building put into production but year generate electricity about 1 billion kilowatt hour, also will drive Hai Yang economy to develop better, for Shandong structure of province the sources of energy optimizes transition and ocean to save construction by force to contribute force. Xing Fu makes a speech in ceremonially, he says, shandong of this project since demonstrative project of maritime wind cable, also be report joins a project of maritime wind cable in Shandong be born. After project building put into production, any harmful gas and solid litter are not discharged inside life period completely, aid high quality of Li Haiyang economy to develop with the sources of energy of 0 carbon green, the unity that realizes benefit of economic benefits, environment and social value promotes. The company will explore report of maritime wind report and marine grass, wind actively store can, briny desalt, seawater makes hydrogen wait much can complementary develop pattern with confluence of much trade condition, promote marine the sources of energy to use development integratedly. Liu Hongtao points out in ceremonially, the project is the base that economy runs, be high quality development prop up. Ceremony of today's project start working, what pulled open priority discipline construction of whole 2021 town in the round is prelusive, 10 projects of the start working in Benciji cover equipment of green the sources of energy, high end, intelligence to make, trade is current wait for many domains, after start working is built, be sure to expand for whole town infuse of changeover of qualitative effect of development of economic gross, promotion, stimulative kinetic energy is driving motivation. Various the concept that should hold to “ to catch a project to catch development ” namely from beginning to end about the branch each, arrowy annals not change is innovation act, strong advance, want to be chance with this, develop as a whole and safe, get together force “ double action double bring ” , accelerate project construction, firm is caught fulfil, it is implementation hard ” of season “ make a good beginning, promote whole town to overtake span high quality development lays solid foundation.

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15-18 December

New York City